"Violence and the World Around Me"

Kosovo, Rwanda, East Timor, High school massacres, Crazed gunmen and this country warring that country warring. As I sit trying to figure out why so much senseless violence goes on around me, I had to take a deep look at the origins of this problem. I was under the impression that most violent acts where committed by urban black youth. This point was instilled in my mind by the media. But this problem is not just a black issue. Doing my research for this series of pages showed me the problem of violence is NOT just a racial thing, but a problem that is a human problem. Since the beginning of time humanity has been violent. The images of cave men carrying clubs, dragging their women by the hair and having rock fights with other tribes for land and power. We believe in violence and don't even realize we do even the most peaceful of us. The bible for instance (please don't take offense) teaches us we are in a constant battle with evil and dark forces, that's violence. Then you had the Crusades; Millions of non-believers of Christianity were killed for not believing in the word of god. Then we have the image of the American way of life; America was born of violence and is defended vigorously with the threat of violence to those that oppose the American way of life. Our entertainment mostly consists of violence. Movies, TV, print media, toys, and sports, but we can't put the blame on that aspect of it, they only give the public what it craves. It seems that violence is everywhere we turn. No wonder people are so violent it seems that we are breeds this way. Think about this If everybody in the world were one color and one religion and all looked them same, we would still find reasons to kill each other. Are we anymore civilized than in the beginning of humanity?

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