"Violence and the Media"

Nearly all of us are affected in some way or another by violence in one form or another from one of the media outlets TV, print, and the movies. Does watching so much violence make us more violent? Are our perceptions of violence desensitized by the amount of violence we view? Are our children effected? Damn Skippy they are. Why must we subject our young to violence? Even if it masked good versus evil it is still teaching violence is answer to everything. But the sad fact is, that we don't realize is that it is very harmful to our sub-conscious and especially to the sub-conscious of our young. Violence is glorified to the point that fact and fantasy is lost. We often blame the media for our predicament. But are they really to blame? The media is only catering to the craving of the public. People must start finding a new means of entertainment that does not have violent content. Only the public can change this problem. The solution must come from us.What do you think can be done or should we do nothing?

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