"The Anatomy of Violence"

I am trying to give you the break down of violence in our society as seen through my eyes. Although I am driven to write about issues that affect me such as the class and the racial divide in America. I had to take a look at the big picture and try to understand where the problems begin and where they are today. I learned that violence is just not a black and white problem but a much larger problem that affects all humans. I do not claim to be neither sociologist or have degrees in anything, I am just an everyday guy just trying to understand the deal with all of this senseless violence around me. Violence has so many ways of affecting all of our lives in so many ways, the world we live in, the economy, our children, our communities, our inner peace of mind, and most of all our future generations.

Here is what I consider to be the different forms of violence. "The anatomy of Violence"

  1. "Violence and the World" 10/7/99
  2. " Violence and the Media"
  3. "Violence and the Black Urban Culture"
  4. "Violence and the Racist Religious Culture"
  5. "Violence and the American economy"

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Here is a list of the books I used for My research.

  • "The Violent Social world of Black men"; William Oliver
  • "Black lies, White lies"; Tony Brown
  • "American Militias"; Richard Abanes
  • "Violence in the Media"; Gilda Berger
  • "Dead Opposite"; Geoffrey Douglas

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