On Police Misconduct

A special Thanks for this information that was sent to me from:

Adrienne Cox

100 Blacks In Law Enforcement Who Care.

Want to know more about this organization.
591 Vanderbilt Avenue, Suite
#133, Brooklyn, NY 11238. 718 -455-9059. E-Mail:

Rev. Al Sharpton, (National Action Network) Headquarters:
1941 MadisonAvenue, NY, NY 10035. Phone: 212-987-5020. Fax:


American Friends Service Committee,
1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia,
Pa. 19102. Phone: 215-241-7130, Fax: 215-241-7275. Pat Clark,

National Criminal Justice Representative
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

99 Hudson Street, 12th Floor, New York, New York 10013.
Phone: 212-966-5932, Fax: 212-966-4303.
Liz Ou Yang.

The Anthony Baez Foundation,
6 Cameron Place, Bronx, N.Y. 10453.
Phone:718-364-2879. Iris Baez, Chairperson.

Black Cops Against Police Brutality.
PO Box 4256, East Orange, NJ 07019.
DeLacey Davis,
Phone: 201-926-5717 (home), 201-266-5300, ext. 306 (work)

Black Panther Collective.
P.O. Box 20735, Park West Station, New York,
NY 10025-1516. Contact: Thomas McCreary.
Phone: 212-473-1140, fax: 212-473-3525.

Center for Constitutional Rights.
666 Broadway, 7Th Floor, New York, NY. 10012.
Switchboard: 212-614-6464
Ron Daniels, Executive Director, 212-614-6468
Gabe Torres, Coordinator, MSRC, 212-614-6429
David Love, MSRC, 212-614-6470
MSRC Hotline: 800-764-0235
Fax: 212-614-6499

Center For Immigrant Rights.

Phone: 212-505-6890, fax:
Roseann Micallef.

Center For Law and Social Justice, Medgar Evers College.
1150 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11225. Provides free legal
counseling, referrals and representation at CCRB. Phone:
718-953-4390. Joan Gibbs.

Citizens' Commission on Policing.
348 West 49th Street, Suite 1D, NY. NY
10019. Phone: 212-974-0294.

New organization for monitoring the police,
exposing and mobilizing against police abuse, educating the
public and law enforcement agencies.

Publishes a newsletter called NYC
Cop Watch.
Contact Hector Soto (former Commissioner CCRB) or Joe
Catrambone (former
Deputy Commissioner, CCRB)
Civilian Complaint Review Board (New York City).
Phone: 212-442-8833 or 800--341-2272.

Community Justice Center.
1825 Park Avenue, Suite 604, NY, NY 10035.
Phone: 212-427-4545; Fax: 212-427-3132. Edie Ellis.

December 12th Movement.

Contact: Roger Wareham.
1851 Th Avenue, Suite 20, NY, NY 10026.
Phone: 718-398-1766, Fax: 212-678-2548,
Beeper:917-967-8776, E-mail:

Latino Officers Association.
P.O. Box 09-0595, Brooklyn, New York
11209-0595. Phone: 212-726-3351. Anthony Miranda.
The Legal Aid Society (NYC). 212-577-3355. 718-286-2000.
fax: 718-286-2286.

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.
99 Hudson Street, NY., NY
10013. Phone: 219-1900. Fax: 212-226-7592. Ted Shaw or
Gloria Browne.

National Association of Korean Americans.
276 Fifth Avenue, #806, NY< NY
10001. Phone: 212-679-3482, fax: 212-481-9569. E-mail:

John H. Kim, General Secretary.
National Black Police Association.

3251 Mt. Pleasant Street NW,
Washington, DC 20010. Phone: 202-986-2070, Fax:
Ronald Hampton, Executive Director.

National Coalition on Police Accountability (N-COPA).
59 East. VanBuren, Suite 2418, Chicago, IL 60605. Phone:
312-663-5392. fax:
312-663-5396. Contact: Mary Powers. N-COPA publishes a
newsletter called Policing By Consent.
National Conference of Black Lawyers.
Phone: 212-864-4000. fax:
212-222-2680. Florence Morgan, 718-286-2181.

National Lawyers Guild.
126 University Place. NY, NY 10003.
Phone: 212-627-2656, Fax: 212-627-2404.

Neighborhood Defenders Service of Harlem.
Phone: 212-876-5500.

N.Y.C. Commission on Human Rights.
Phone: 212-306-7500. Bias hotline: 212-662-2427.

New York Division of Criminal Justice Services.
Phone: 518-485-7576.

Parents Against Police Brutality. Antonio and Margarita Rosario.

2784 Claflin Avenue, Bronx, NY 10468. 718-601-1863.

Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund.
99 Hudson Street, Suite 1401, NY, NY 10013.
Phone: 212-219-3360, Fax: 212-431-4276. Juan Figueroa.

Queens Coalition Against Police Violence.
P.O. Box 656592, Fresh
Meadows, NY 11365-6592. Phone: 516-627-4262.

Victim Services Counseling (NYC).
Manhattan: 212-577-3800. Brooklyn:

WBAI (99.5 FM).
505 Eighth Avenue, NY, NY 10018. Phone:
Fax: 212-564-5359. Listener sponsored, community oriented
radio station. Utrice Leid, Errol Maitland, Bernard White,
Jose Santiago.

(Books, Reports & Articles)

Police Brutality and Excessive Force in the New York City
Department - Amnesty International, United States of America

(NY, 1996)
Black Power- Kwame Ture & Charles V. Hamilton
Black Robes, White Justice - Judge Bruce Wright
Black Police In America - W. Marvin Dulaney
Black Police, White Society - Stephen Leinen
Criminalizing A Race - Dr. Charshee C.L. McIntyre
Crime Pays - Cashing In on Black Prisoners, Emerge Magazine,
COINTELPRO Papers - Ward Churchill & Jim Vanderwall
In The Matter of Color - (Race & The American Legal
Process), A. Leon
Higenbotham, jr.
Kerner Commission - Fred Harris & Tom Wicker
Know Your Rights: Stop Police Brutality - Police & Racial
Project, Center for Law and Social Justice, Medgar Evers
Live From Death Row - Mumia Abu Jamal
On The Line: Police Brutality and its Remedies - American
Liberties Union (ACLU, 1991)
Prison Industrial Complex - John Flateau
Racial Matters - O. Reilly
Search and Destroy - Jerome G. Miller
Tin For Sale - John Manca & Cosgrove
The Police Mystique: An Insider's Look at Cops, Crime, and
the Criminal
Justice System - Anthony Bouza (NY, Plenum Press) 1990

You can take a look at these books below.



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