"Open Letter"

There is too much, far too much
"Black on Black" crime,
So I can't help but ask,
Have you actually lost your mind?

Haven't we, as a people,
Endured enough sorrow and hate?
And haven't you yet learned,
That we, as a people must and should relate!

Was it not bad enough
The grief that others gave,
Or did you forget the cruelty and lies,
And the fact that we were slaves?

Did you also close your mind
To all that still stands against you,
So how could you even think to choose
Your Brothers and Sisters to kill and abuse?

Tell me, just when did you change,
Better yet, when did you lose your mind?
When did you stop caring for your people,
And forgot the art of being loving and kind?

Did you somehow forget the old saying,
"Together we shall stand"
You forgot too, that we are a proud people,
A proud people from the same homeland.

So remember you hurt us "all"
Even when you hurt or abuse just one,
Remember that is a Black man's daughter,
Or a Black Mother's son.

And tell me, what will you have to look forward to
When you have come up and aged in years,
For who will look after you when you are older
Now living alone and in fear?

Remember, one should seek to help, to teach,
To share in the spiritual growth of another,
For it is my strong belief,
This race can't be stretched much farther.

So please, rethink your way of life,
And return "Black" and to the natural way,
The ways of helping, caring, and teaching,
As it was done in our forefathers day

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