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Vol.8  03/05/00

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Prop 21 "watch your back California"

Do you believe that Prop 21 is for the good of the people or is it just another excuse to lock up more minorities?    read the story:  Propositions 21, 22 attack minorities and GLBT community, say UCLA protesters

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Take a look at the real George W Bush.

Do we want him to be president?

As an active Minority you must read this! submitted by Monica 

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Photo of Governor


Featured Writer of the week.

Iyanla Vanzant

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Welcome friends to this weeks edition of the Logical thinker and friends newsletter. I see we are still heated up over the Diallo trial. Its funny the politicians are trying to deflect blame with the protests this week organized by Rev. Al Sharpton and other groups as dividing the city. But guess what the only thing that's happing is that it is bring folks together, black, White, Hispanic, Jew, Arab are all protesting together and most folks off all races are calling the outcome of the trial a miscarriage of justice. Well like I said at the beginning of the trial the only way to get justice is through the Federal system, and in this case that won't probably happen.

I am also very concerned about the way it is taking far to long for The United States of America to respond to the crisis in Mozambique. First off we need to send all the help we can right now!! Helicopters, Medicine, food and water. We are the #1 world power and I feel we need to take the lead in helping those poor people by offering the same courtesy  as were offered to the people of Kosavo. by that I mean airlifting as many of the displaced to our bases till we can help them return home and them offer them economic assistance to get back on their feet.  Please take a moment and write to the people in charge.You can send electronic mail to:

The President
The Vice President
The First Lady
Mrs. Gore

Let me stop there and let you enjoy the great stories I have put together for you. I hope to see your feed back on the club message board, 


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Links to other stories:

Neither Forgotten nor Forgiven. by Antonio M. Lewis, Senior

Minority lawmakers to boycott session in Diallo fallout

Four Words That Killed Amadou Diallo  by Byron Williams

By Yvonne Bynoe

Blacks, Drugs & the FBI: The Inside Story of a Black FBI Agent by C.Stone Brown




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