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Vol.6 02/26/00

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National Black out day

Do you believe that an national boycott of white owned business can ever happen? And could it be effective? Add your


Black History month continues
with a look at The statue of Liberty. Interesting facts that the Statue was modeled after a slave woman.

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Submitted by Thomas Edghill 

Featured book of the week.

Edited by Herb Boyd

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We hope to have Mr. Boyd guest host our upcoming weekly chat. 


Welcome friends to this weeks edition of the Logical thinker and friends newsletter. So lets begin with the top story "Not guilty" That's the words of the week. I guess you all have heard about the verdict in the Amadou Diallo trial. What will it take to get justice for black people in America? I thought that the Diallo case was open and shut. You have 41 bullet fired, 19 hitting an unarmed man standing in his own doorway with nothing more than keys, pager, and wallet. But yet the officers were justified in killing him because they were scared! Give me a break. We need to start wearing bulls eyes on our backs from now on because it is open season on us. There are few items I have picked up from the trial, That there is a definite need for the retraining of police departments in the handling of situations of using deadly force. During the trial, I heard the officers refer to their training. We are trained to "STOP" and the other term was "PUT DOWN". The word that should be used is KILL because when they draw their gun's they are preparing to kill someone not anything else. You put down a wounded animal or you stop a charging animal. We are all pretty angry right now but I hope that some kind of good can come from this fiasco and let us see now that we have to get more active in pushing police reforms, so we can cut down on these tragedies. I hope folks are following the election I can not emphasize how important this presidential election is to the moving forward and not back in the way we see our country shaping up for the new century. Let me stop there and let you enjoy the great stories I have put together for you. I hope to see your feed back on the club message board, 


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