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Welcome friends to this weeks edition of the Logical thinker and friends newsletter As you can see I have changed the lay out. that's why the newsletter is late. But as you see it was worth the wait. Shout me out and let me know what you think. I would like to welcome all the new members to the club this week that brings us up to 63 members and growing. Moving right along This week has been full of police scandals. In New York we have two trials going on With the Abner Louima trial still going on with the other officers involved in the cover up. As you know two police officers have already been convicted of torturing and brutalizing Mr. Louima. Then you have the trials of four Street crimes unit detectives of second degree murder, of an unarmed Black man Amadou Diallo. The trial is coming to and end this week with the rebuttal of the defense witness and then the closing arguments right behind. Then we have a big scandal brewing in Los Angles with the Rampart district police. And I have some really good stories on the political front for you. I would just like to point out that we all need to get more active on the political front and not wait till it is to late. We as black folks posses an untapped power that we seem to think we don't have, when it comes to the political landscape. We are the largest minority group in America. But we seem to be last when it comes to getting our issues to the forefront of the getting heard from our elected officials. With all that is at stake in this election if we lose the white house to George W. Bush. We know what Bush's agenda will be I am sure he will go after affirmative action programs. we see his brother Gov. Bush of Florida changing laws left and right. Do you  remember the Reagan and Bush Sr. terms and to be Honest I don't want to see our people go backwards. But on the other hand don't just go and give your support to the democrat's with out making sure our issues are at his forefront. I believe that the top issues for the Black community are The mistreatment of minorities by the police. then the second is education third is Health care for the working poor and the elderly. Let me stop there and let you enjoy the great stories I have put together for you. I hope to see your feed back on the club message board, 


Markus Rice Editor

Links to other stories:


 I can't find the brother who wrote this piece but it is on point!

Full coverage of Diallo case

Find out the latest news on the LAPD SCANDALS submitted by dtheprince

The McCain Mutiny and the Gore "Fear Factor" By Dr. Lenora Fulani

A Quantum Leap into the White House By Jason Johnson

POLITRICKS By club member babylon falling

Afro-Economics  By Club member C. R. Hamilton
Justice For Strohmeyer, Still None For Iverson: By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

It Never Rains But It Pours: Bad Weather Hits The Poor Hardest
 by Julianne Malveaux

"Black Demagogues and Pseudo-Scholars" A DISSENTING VIEW By John Henrik Clarke


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