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"Tulsa Race Riot Panel Recommends Reparations" By Ben Fenwick

"Diallo Trial"- The Facts Don't Match The Accusations by Armstrong Williams 

 "More Power to the Family" BY C.R. Hamilton  

"The Louima case" by Bryan Robinson

"Emphasizing Racial Issues, Bradley Plans Detour to S.C". page 2 (click here)

  "The Digital Divide: The White House Responds" By Simone Greene

"Happy Black Folks Everywhere?" By Julianne Malveaux 

"Get Bullish on Your Kid's Education" By Jason Johnson

"NFL Star Derrick Thomas Dies"

  "Hornets to Retire Number of Late Bobby Phills"

"Poetry " page 2 click here" submitted works from, BENANNA2 and jazminda(X)  

  Family and Health

Resolving Conflicts: We Don't Have To Argue About It By; Dr. Keiron Brown    

Movie Review "Trois by: Gil Robertson IV

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Hi all, I hope everyone's week is moving along smoothly and is productive. First off I would like to say to all of you drive carefully and wear those seat belts I don't want to hear of anymore good folks losing their lives in car accidents. (Bobby Phills and Derrick Thomas you will be missed.)

This past week trials of the Louima and Diallo incidents, and the killing of a Black  police officer should serve as a wake up call to Black men to see how close we all are to abuse and death. We can be gunned down by police officers in a blink of an eye and the sad part about it is, the police are justified in doing this because Black men are considered a threat, not by our actions but by the color of our skin, and I think that is a shame. When it comes to black men the police have an attitude of shoot first and ask questions later approach. I look at it as when you become a police officer you should understand the risk that your life could be at risk and if you fear the people you are supposed to protect you shouldn't take the job! The white community never seems to  understand why black men are so angry. If they had to live under the stress and fear that black men live under they would be damn angry too!

 After 79 years in hiding the truth will finally be acknowledged that the worst massacre in the history of the United States of America next to the what happened to the American Indian's, The 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma massacre in which As many as 300 people the number is probably higher, most of them blacks, died in the violence. See the story and pictures ( click here

And last but not least what's the deal with this movie about Sally Hemmings with all the black actress out there they could not not find one to play the part of Sally Hemmings they had to use a Hispanic woman for the part ? That just goes to show that this movie is full of it and can't be believed. I guess it would of really hurt for the real truth to be told. That the great President Thomas Jefferson was a big hypocrite. Add on this topic

 For Black history month I have put together a few really good things  relating to black history on an external link. (click here)

 Markus Rice Editor

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Tulsa Race Riot Panel Recommends Reparations

By Ben Fenwick

TULSA, Okla. (Reuters) - Victims of the 1921 Tulsa race riot, one of the worst mob attacks in U.S. history, should receive reparations for the losses they suffered, a state commission recommended on Friday.

The 11-member commission did not say how much money the victims should receive, but urged a combination of direct payments, scholarships and tax benefits for victims and their descendants.

A subcommittee of the commission earlier suggested that up to $33 million should be paid, but that figure was not included in the final report issued on Friday.

``I think it's of value to recognize what people lost. It's a justice issue,'' commissioner Eddie Faye Gates said.

The commission's recommendations will be passed on to the Oklahoma state legislature, which will decide whether to pay up. There are about 80 known survivors of the incident.

The riot erupted on May 31, 1921, when whites fought with a black crowd that had gathered outside the county courthouse to protect Dick Rowland, a black teen-ager accused of assaulting a white woman, fearing he might be lynched.

Fighting and gunfire outside the courthouse escalated as gangs of gun-toting whites raged across the thriving black district of Greenwood, setting fires through the night and the next morning. By the time the National Guard imposed martial law, the district that educator Booker T. Washington once called the ``Negro Wall Street of America'' was in ruins.

As many as 300 people, most of them blacks, died in the violence. More than 1,000 homes were destroyed, along with 35 grocery stores, eight doctors' offices and five hotels.

The commission said much evidence about the riot had been destroyed, which made it hard to determine the exact number of dead. Official reports at the time said three dozen people were killed, but experts and survivors say the number was likely much higher.

Archeologists are planning to excavate a site thought to be a mass grave of riot victims to see if they can shed light on how many died.The commission was created by the state legislature in 1997 to investigate the riot and was ordered to file a report by Monday. The panel said its work was not yet finished and asked the legislature to allow it to continue the probe.

See the story and pictures ( click here

Diallo - The Facts Don't Match The Accusations by Armstrong Williams

There were forty-one shots fired, twisting the body of Amadou Diallo in a manic ballet, then leaving him crumpled on the ground like a broken stem. Diallo was unarmed, standing on the front stoop of his Bronx apartment building on February 4th, 1999, when four police officers surrounded the street vendor and discharged their 9mm guns in a brief, terrifying outburst of violence.

The police confronted the street vendor because he matched the description of an armed rapist. According to press testimony, the officers then displayed their badges and identified themselves as police, demanding that the vendor halt in his doorway. Instead, a nervous-seeming Diallo shuffled his hand in his pocket, prompting an officer to yell, "Gun!" In moments, all four officers opened fire.

As we try to piece together the horrifying events of that day, we cannot be certain whether it was nervousness, negligence or both that caused the police to open fire on Diallo. What has become clear, is that the young street vendor's identity -- and the city's emotional response -- has been greedily pilfered by those who provoke racial tensions for a living.

Exhibit A: Using Diallo's funeral ceremony as a national stage to spew racial vitriol, Nation of Islam leader Khalid Muhammad climbed aboard the pulpit and snarled, "This is the time for an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a limb for a limb, a life for a life." Similarly, former Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan barked, "This is the time for you white people to realize that you are doing evil. You will be having funeral processions in the white community. They shoot one of ours 41 times. We'll shoot 41 of theirs, one time." For obvious reasons, neither Farrakhan nor Muhammad bothered to explain exactly how their remarks would help the problem of racial divisiveness, or restore some measure of healing to a community which had gathered, ostensibly, to commemorate the passing of one of their own.

Exhibit B: The Rev. Al Sharpton, too, wasted no time climbing aboard the handy wave of racial fear and riding it in. While attaching himself to the Diallo family as their advisor he spoke publicly about the need to "pursue a national dialogue." Behind the scenes, though, he engineered a public snub of Mayor Guiliani during the Diallo funeral proceedings, effectively keeping the wound open.

Along the way, Diallo's death was used to paint the New York Police Department as an organism infected with racism and free-floating brutality. Plainly, this notion is pathologically irresponsible. To insinuate that they casually draw their weapons on blacks -- as though getting in gunfights were so much fun -- makes Farrakhan, Muhammad, Sharpton and their like guilty of the same sort of reductive stereotyping they're supposed to be fighting against. The implicit message, of course, is aimed not toward the police, but toward discrediting Republican luminary, Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, whose popularity has swelled with his tough stance on crime. By painting the police force as corrupt, they imply Guiliani is willing to turn his cheek to police brutality so long as the crime rate drops.This rousing point did not go unnoticed by former mayor Ed Koch, who wasted no time in wagging his wrinkled finger at Guiliani, accusing him of being unresponsive to allegations of police brutality.The President, too, immediately linked the Diallo shooting with broader charges of racism. A presidential appointee soon launched an investigation into allegations of police brutality under the Guiliani regime. The results, not coincidentally, are to be published during the height of the Hillary Clinton-Guiliani senatorial race.

Just one more thing: Last year, less than 1 percent of the New York police force discharged their weapons. This number has decreased each year during Guiliani's three years in office. Fatal police shootings per year have also decreased roughly 50 percent during Guiliani's tenure, as have complaints regarding police brutality. Get it? Guiliani has reduced crime while, at the same time, reducing police-related violence.

That said, Diallo died for the most tragic reason; that is to say, he died for no reason at all. We do not have an easy way with this. When one of us dies for no reason, we look to restore order. Like the calm dispensers of a drug, Muhammad, Farrakhan, Sharpton, and son on, provide order by providing a common enemy: racist cops, racist mayor. Sadly, this story has been manufactured anywhere that racism is talked about but not understood.

Plainly, there is no question these officers should be punished for this senseless tragedy. They demonstrated a brutality and a negligence that any rational person ought to find horrifying. Diallo's soul will not rest until they are brought to order.

This, however, is not an excuse to hijack Diallo's memory by those who stir racial tensions for a living by portraying New York cops under Guiliani as infected with racism and brutality. Simply, the facts do not bear out their assertion.

Officer defends Schwarz, says colleagues sought silence in Louima case 

by Bryan Robinson

NEW YORK — The first officer to reveal information on Abner Louima's 1997 sodomy and beating testified Wednesday that he only saw Charles Schwarz walk Louima towards the bathroom where he was sodomized by his partner Justin Volpe. Contradicting his testimony in another trial, the officer said he did not see Schwarz go into the bathroom with Louima.

Along with Thomas Bruder and Thomas Wiese, Schwarz is on trial for obstruction of justice. Federal prosecutors believe they lied about their knowledge of Louima's torture in the two years after the incident. According to the prosecution, Bruder and Wiese lied to investigators in an attempt to protect Schwarz. Bruder and Wiese were accused of beating Louima on the way to the 70th Precinct on Aug. 7, 1997 but were acquitted of the charges at a trial in June.

Schwarz, however, was convicted of civil rights violations and conspiracy. He was accused of standing guard at a bathroom door and holding Louima down while his partner, Justin Volpe, sodomized him with a broken wooden stick.

Detective Eric Turetzky's testimony at last year's trial led to Schwarz's conviction. Last year, he testified that he saw Volpe brandish a broken broomstick and lead Louima from the bathroom to the prison cell. In a taped interview with the police Internal Affairs Bureau, he claimed he saw Schwarz take Louima into the bathroom.

However, on Wednesday, Turetzky told jurors he only saw Schwarz walk Louima towards the bathroom, not take him into it.

Since his conviction, Schwarz has maintained his innocence and insisted that jurors convicted the wrong man. So far, in both trials, Louima has failed to positively identify Schwarz as Volpe's accomplice. [But, he said the second officer in the 70th Precinct bathroom was the same one who drove him to the police station. Police records have shown that Schwarz was scheduled to be the driver that night.]

Schwarz hopes an acquittal and new evidence in his obstruction trial will help him appeal his conviction in the civil rights trial.

Turetzky also told jurors Wednesday that members of the police union pressured him to keep silent about the case. Justin Volpe's brother, Damian, a member of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, asked him to "do the right thing" and "stick together." Turetzky interpreted the advice as a plea to help cover-up Volpe and other officers' role in Louima's beating and sodomy.

— Bryan Robinson  

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 More Power to the Family

 BY C.R. Hamilton

One of the wonderful creations of God is seen when we gaze into the sky.  The heavens shine from the light of the sun in the day, and at night the galaxy glows under the dimness of the moon.  We wonder at the beauty of horizons; the mountains hiding the sun; the waters silently waving peace our way, and we exhale each time a breeze blows through our thoughts, calming them.

The antics of animal life never cease to capture our attention; always inviting our imagination to trade our lives for theirs, or maybe our thoughts.  Sometimes it is even a wonder if natures’ purpose is to draw our minds from reality, if only for a brief moment, in order to renew it, with energy we have yet to harness and profit from.  Days go by without a good word from anyone dear, but nature speaks a powerful message each day.  All creations of God are inspired to communicate a powerful message; even the ones made after his own image. 

We as creations of God may not be the most effective communicators of good messages but we are definitely inspired to do so.  God has a chosen few, who speak good words to the broken-hearted, and he has those who walk with stretched out arms filled with compassion; and there is those who’s ears are ever open and never closed.  However, there is one creation of God that communicates one of the most powerful messages of God since the beginning of time, never having to say a word, and that is the family. When captured at its strength, the family image can pull a grin from a hardened face.  That is because the family belongs to nature.  It can invite the imagination into a joyous world, just as the natural things of God does.  The family itself is a testimony of Gods purpose to life; it is the beginning of life, blessed by God to bring forth within the human soul, an appreciation for life, and the only way to create life.  A covenant of utmost importance, beyond the formation of anything material, the family is Gods’ will for humankind. From the earth was birthed the man; from the man was birthed the woman; from the woman is birthed the child, and there you have a family.  As natural a creation as anything material, amen.  I have seen hearts healed after staring into the image of this descendant of nature.  I have seen eyes weep after witnessing the destruction of this creation, and I have seen desires fulfilled by want of this God-given blessing.  So now I will ask the question; why, in the name of God, and for the sake of nature, is this union in danger of extinction?  Well, maybe two questions; and why are they not understood for what they really are?

After pondering these questions to my own self, I realized that everything has a beginning, so I sought for the beginning of the family.  It goes back to the creation of God, and everything having a purpose and a place.  “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:” (Genesis 1:28).  This is the purpose of the family.  To grow in unity with the natural order of the earth and to serve its purpose like everything else created in order to balance the process of life.

When the sun shines in its power, a man is tilling the ground.  When the moon is glowing over the night voices, the woman is nursing her child.  When the great fish are leaping through the billows of the sea, a child is laughing with joy.  Every time the earth shakes from the shifting of its core, a man needs his mate to ensure his troubled mind.  For each time the wind beats upon the forest trees causing some to bend and break, a mother worries for the thoughts of her child; and for every time the sparrow’s eggs are easy prey to the vulture, a child feels lost without an arm to reach out to him. The strength of the family lies in its nature.  No illusion can replace what is natural and blessed of God.  “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder"  (St. Matthew 19:6).  Many fail to realize just how much power these scripture carries.  Moreover, not just the scripture only, but the unity, or just the image of a family.  It is a force of nature that works when each individual in the family fulfills their own purpose.  By nature, man as the provider and protector, woman as the nurturer and comforter, and the child, (or children), being obedient to their parents guidance.  This order of action is where the power generates.  Anything opposite to this order reduces the level of power. Now days, women work, men stay home, and children tell parents what to do; thus, families break-up all the time.  There is no strength or natural order of life to these scenarios.  It is off balance and can not work according to God’s purpose.  If possible, it would throw the sun off its course and the moon from its orbit.  Moreover, for sure, God knows that something is out of place.

The sky in the day is blue, radiant, and pure.  The sun at its peak is bright and full of energy.  A mountain in the distance is strong, upholding its image, and the trees together have a beauty all their own.  When the sun descends to create the horizon it gives the sky such beauty, and as it falls behind the mountain it almost winks at you, with the mountain adding a grin.  With the trees still standing in the shadows of this sight, the eye can see the creation of God that speaks an inspiring word.  All together, nature frees the imagination placing you in Gods presence.

A man will stand until he has prepared himself a place to sit; a woman will wait even when her hope is deferred, and a child can be sad until open arms receive him.  Nevertheless, when that man establishes his purpose and discovers his weakness, he will seek the strength he needs in the woman whose desire has come, and they will embrace a child in love.  This is the gift of God.  This is life at its purest.  Moreover, it is a portrait that possesses all the beauty of nature, and all the power of God.

Ask God for the power of the family.  Amen!

Ó 2000 By Sound Doctrine Inc.

check out more By C.R. Hamltion at his site Sanctified Ghetto


The Digital Divide: The White House Responds

By Simone Greene

While this society continues to emerge into a digital economy, many Americans are becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet and computers. Americans accessing the Internet has grown rapidly in the last year. According to noted economist, Thomas D. Boston, Ph.D., "…the Internet is one of the most important communications innovations in history." Fortune 500 Companies are now using the Internet to provide goods and services via e-commerce, more than ever before and many public and private schools have access to the Internet and computers to provide viable information to their students. However, there are a growing number of Americans who do not have this access. The divide between those with access and those without has become a national problem, specifically between African Americans and whites and the poor. Indeed, the correlation between race and income determines who has access.

The US Commerce Department National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released their third report on the digital divide. The report entitled "Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide," states that between 1994 and 1998, the gap for computer ownership among African Americans and Whites widened by 39.2 percent. Furthermore, the gap between White and African American households’ access to the Internet grew 53.3 percent between 1997 and 1998. And only 8 percent of American households earning less than $10,000 a year own a computer and 3 percent have access to the Internet. Despite income, Americans living in rural areas are also lagging behind in Internet access and computer ownership. Specifically, rural areas in Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta lack the infrastructure and resources to wire the communities.In an initiative to bridge this gap President Clinton unveiled a multi-billion comprehensive plan to close the digital divide. The plan includes the following:

  • $2 billion in tax incentives over 10 years to encourage private sector donation of computers, sponsorship of community technology centers and to train workers in technology
  • $150 million to help train all new teachers entering the workforce on technology that will be use in the classroom
  • $100 million to create up to 1,000 Community Technology Centers in low-income urban and rural communities.
  • $50 million for a public/private partnership to expand home access to computers and the Internet for low-income families.
  • $45 million to promote pioneering applications of information technology for under-serve communities  
  • $25 million to increase private sector use of high-speed networks in under-served urban and rural communitie
  • $10 million package to prepare Native Americans for careers in information technology and other tech fields

Clinton will also take this proposal as part of his second New Markets Initiatives trip this April. The president will lead a group of high-tech CEO’s to impoverished areas who did not benefit from this country’s economic boom nor the technology advancements.

Last month, President Clinton announced another $100 million initiative to close the digital divide. Clinton’s program titled "ClickStart" will place Internet-ready PC’s in low-income homes and provide computer training for participating households. This program will help as many as 9 million households.

The first initiative will begin in Oakland, California where the Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute will place Internet-ready PC’s in 500 homes where income levels do not exceed more than $25,000 and that have children in the Oakland public school system. In addition, participating families will pay between $5 and $10 per month for a computer and Internet access. Parents will be required to go through training and will also have to commit to a number of service hours working in public schools.

The White House has been working with the computer industry, foundations, non-profit organizations and civil rights groups to help close the gap and make the Internet more accessible and computers more affordable. Clinton stated in front of students, school administrators and high-tech executives at Washington, DC’s Ballou High School (see remarks), "If we take these steps, we will go a long way toward our goal of bringing opportunity to every community."

For comments guest-contributing writer Simone Greene

Happy Black Folks Everywhere?

By Julianne Malveaux 

I don’t know about you, but I get some of my news from the Electronic Urban Report (which you can subscribe to by sending e-mail to, the two or three times weekly "drum" for thousands of African Americans. Sometimes they make me hoot and sometimes they make me holler, but their November 3 edition got me stunned with incredulity. They reported on a Time Magazine claim that African American people, by and large, are "happy."

I suppose I wasn’t feeling the happiness. I asked my office staff, relatively well-adjusted African American women, about their happiness quotient, and they rolled their eyes and said they were not sure where they would find happy black folks! I asked a group of folks, trying to finish a project, about their happiness index, and they doggone near bit my happy head off. The night before I heard about the happy black folks, I had attended the ordination of a sisterfriend who was glowing as she accepted her call, but hardly happy when she preached that she would be anyplace there was a mission. She was challenged, not happy. But according to Time Magazine and something called the "African American Monitor," a "door-to-door poll taken by Don Coleman Advertising/Yankelovich Partners" this spring, there are happy black folks everywhere!

Here is how EUR reports it: "Time Magazine claims that African-Americans are a whole heck of a lot less on edge and more satisfied with the quality of their lives now than they were in '92. According to a survey published by Time and compiled by Don Coleman Advertising and Yankelovich Partners, of 1,063 African-Americans, 89% say they are generally happy with their life compared to only 56% in '92. 48% said they were concerned about gang violence compared to 50% in '95 and 70% '92. Seventy-five percent of blacks surveyed felt it was necessary to keep up with the latest technology compared to 69 percent of whites that felt the same way, but the poll also found that only 28% of African-Americans have a computer in the home compared to 50% of whites."

The November 8 issue of Time Magazine has even more information. It notes that fewer African Americans are concerned about the lack of role models, that more African Americans than whites feel religion is important and say satisfaction comes from their families. According to this survey, African Americans are less likely to use the Internet than whites, but more likely to watch television. Don Coleman Advertising found some complacent African American people, but were they more complacent than whites? Time Magazine didn’t say, choosing to report racial differences on health, leisure, technology, religion, and family, but not on general happiness.

No matter. While I bristle at the characterization of African American people that comes from the Time magazine poll, I recognize the fact that there are far too many "happy" black people out there. Ebonically speaking, we so happy that we forget where we come form and where we are going. Thus we are able to advocate on ballot and electoral matters that are frankly outside of our own self-interest. WE want school vouchers because we have lost confidence in public schools, but we haven’t focused on the hidden agenda behind school voucher movements. WE are angry at black leaders who don’t toe the line, so we are willing to elect flawed whites who will do even less likely to respond to African American interests.

Happy black folks everywhere? You have to chuckle at the depiction of happy-go-lucky Negroes, much like those just let off massa’s plantations more than a century ago, who were joyful and pleasant and full of appreciation. To be sure, economic expansion is beginning to lift African American people up, and more and more are entering the labor force, and moving out of poverty. At the same time, with poverty rates exceeding 28 percent, one in four African American is poor, and 40 percent of African American children live in poverty. The Time Magazine Poll is, if nothing else, confirmation of the fact that you can lie with statistics. That is, unless someone is prepared to make the case that all these poor folks are happy.

Time Magazine summarized their results by saying that the survey of African Americans finds "a mood of optimism" among black folks. How does one move from optimism to equality, closing the gaps that exist between black and white income, black and white wealth? Of course, such a survey wouldn’t ask such pointed questions. The answers might, after all, suggest that there’s a lot less "happiness" out there than survey questions are measuring.

    Tell Julianne Malveaux what you thought of the article.


Yahoo! PhotoNFL Star Derrick Thomas Dies
(AP) - Nearly 12 hours after Derrick Thomas died, his family and friends remained at Jackson Memorial Hospital, consoling one another and sharing their memories of the nine-time Pro Bowl linebacker. They congregated on the third floor of the rehabilitation center, the place where Thomas was recovering from a paralyzing car crash last month. More...

· Derrick Thomas - profile from the NFL includes year-by-year career highlights.

Hornets to Retire Number of Late Bobby Phills

Reuters Photo
Reuters Photo

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Reuters) - The Charlotte Hornets will honor the memory of guard Bobby Phills by retiring his No. 13 at halftime of Wednesday night's game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.Phills, who was killed in an automobile accident on January 13 less than two miles from Charlotte Coliseum, will become the first player in franchise history to have his number retired.The ceremony will include a video tribute, a song performed by Regina Belle, a check presented from the Hornets to the Bobby Phills Scholarship Fund and framed jerseys that will be presented to Phills' wife and parents.``This tribute by the organization was put together as a way to remember Bobby as a player and as an active member of the Charlotte community,'' Hornets executive vice president of business Sam Russo said. ``His jersey hanging from the rafters will be a constant reminder to everyone walking into the building of what a positive role model he was.''

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Get Bullish on Your Kid's Education

By Jason Johnson 

Do you trade online? With a burgeoning economy many Americans have caught day-trade fever. Now more than ever citizens of all colors and stripes are trying to point and click their way into the lifestyle of Bill Gates. Investing seems to be the way to go -- with a little research every few hours or days, you can insure that the final payback is more than what you initially put in. Unfortunately much of the tone and rhetoric of the presidential debates by both Democrats and Republicans gives me the impression that most Americans are still not adequately investing in our most valued resource, our children.
This lack of investment is pretty evident considering the constant volley of school change and choice platitudes by everyone from Steve Forbes to Al Gore. Most Republicans advocate vouchers and scholarships and charter schools to combat the supposed decay of education in America's public schools. When a school is failing, and failure is seldom actually defined, it is every parent's right to pick up their marbles and go elsewhere. The investment in the school just didn't have reasonable returns. The Democrats are ambivalent to school reforms and occasionally outright dogmatic in their protection of public schools. "The schools in America are doing ok," they say, "and as soon as every single classroom is hooked up the Internet everyone will be smart enough to get into Yale". Obviously the school issue still motivates people -- otherwise the politicians wouldn't harp on it. But why does it really carry any weight? In the book, Market Education: The Unknown History, it is revealed that when asked most Americans would rate the performance of the nation's schools with a C or below average. However, when asked about their local schools, almost half of the respondents graded their performance with an A or B. Where is this dichotomy coming from? Why are we still being manipulated into slamming public or even private schools while at the same time having positive or mixed reviews of the school right across the street?  The answer is simple; no one is really investing wisely.
Answer a few simple questions for yourself. Can you name all of the teachers for all of your children? Can you name all of the subjects that each teacher teaches -- and not just the hard ones? Do you have the phone numbers of a few of your children's teachers on the notepad next to your phone, or are all of your speed dial options reserved for Domino's pizza? This is particularly important for African American parents who should all know by now that the behavior of teachers has a particularly crucial affect on our youth if they are in a majority white classrooms with white teachers. Have you often told yourself that taking care of schoolwork is "your wife or you husband's job?" Do you know when the PTA has its meetings, or better yet, did you bother to vote in the local school board elections?
No matter if your kids attend public or private school, if you can't answer all of these questions, you are not watching your investment!

Elementary and high school education is one of the only investments I can think of that most Americans make and don't bother to research. Honestly, given how much you pay to schools in taxes or tuition it amazes me that many people can put three to four thousand dollars a year into a system that they pay no attention to. The return on your investment isn't necessarily that your child gets into the best college either -- not everyone is cut out to go to Spellman, University of Virginia or Stanford. Nevertheless if your child is legitimately excited about being educated and can see some connection between what they do for 8 hours a day and the life that they may some day lead, then your tax or tuition money is well spent. If you're unhappy with your local schools then get out and change them, they belong to you. Run for the school board, go to PTA curriculum meetings, form a parents group -- you pay taxes. You have no excuse to not run your own local schools. Anything else is a grotesque abdication of responsibility. 
When I was a child my parents developed a system to look after my family's education. At the beginning of each school year they would take a day off of work and would separately go to each of their kid's schools for a day of appointments. They'd ask where these men and women went to school, how long they'd been teaching and what their teaching philosophy was. This was not easy -- it required a day off of work and essentially eight hours of interviews, but afterwards they'd swap notes and know exactly what my siblings and I were getting into for the next 9 months. They could rest assured that every teacher I had could attach two concerned black faces to my every action throughout the year. If they didn't like a teacher, they'd get me into another class, if they didn't like the class they'd go to the school board and petition for a curriculum review. They knew the importance of investing in my life and my education, and were willing to do the research to make sure they were investing properly. This is an example any concerned parent should be willing to follow.

The next time you're watching the presidential debates and they're talking about school choice, vouchers and public schools, take the time to think about what you're actually working with. Before you jump onto the anti-public or pro-public bandwagon, ask yourself if you've really bothered to know what kind of schools your kids are already attending. Make sure you're taking time to nurture and encourage your investment, the research may take more time than double clicking on an e-trade site, but the long-term results are much more meaningful.

For comments, contributing writer Jason Johnson 

Family and health:

...And One for All
By; Dr. Keiron Brown 

Having satisfying and meaningful relationships are a vital part of the human experience. Whether romantic, family, business, or sexual, our participation in a relationship with another person or people can sometimes enhance things and make a good situation even better. Unfortunately, not all relationships are all that satisfying or are very meaningful. Even relationships that started out as wonderful can sometimes deteriorate into something that is unrecognizable to the partners, and, as such, are often ended by one or both of them. It is not difficult to understand that pain and hurt occur when relationships end, but people often do not realize some of the other factors at play that either deepen the pain or keep it going for extended periods of time.

The most obvious reason that breakups are often painful is simply that the relationship is over. A deeper and more meaningful answer, however, is that a loss has been suffered by one or both parties. If you think about it, the end of a romantic relationship through a breakup is similar to the feelings one experiences when someone close to him or her has died:


  • Even when the end of the relationship is foreseeable, when the end comes, it is still a shock.
  • There is a grieving that takes place as the mourner reminisces about the beginning of the relationship and the good times that occurred.
  • Often there is a twinge of pain when the mourner finds something that belongs to the partner, something that was given to him or her by the partner, or something that has held some emotional significance to the couple.
  • Depressive symptoms often arise: lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating or thinking, feelings of sadness and remorse.
  • It is often exceedingly difficult to not think about the person who is no longer present.

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Preview Trois

by: Gil Robertson IV

Cast: Gary Dourdan, Kenya Moore, Gretchen Palmer, Chrystale Wilson, Bryce Wilson, Thom Byrd, Soloman K. Smith
Director: Rob Hardy
Producers: William Packer, Gregory Anderson
Screenplay: Rob Hardy
Film Score: Steven Gutheinz

(Rainforest Productions)

Trois: Although on the surface the film seems to be little more than an erotic exploration of sexual fantasy, Trois (pronounced Twa) actually delves deeper into the topic of "intimate relations" than anticipated. Set in Atlanta, the film stars the always-sexy Gary Dourdan as Jermaine Davis, and Kenya Moore as his equally sexy wife Jasmine. Jermaine and Jasmine have the perfect life ... a new marriage, a beautiful home, exciting careers and each other. However, when Jermaine starts to look for "something new" to add some spice into their sex lives, he ends up getting more than he bargained for.

From the very first scene (a steamy sex session), Trois delivers a sizzle that continues on through to the very last scene. In fact, the sex scenes between Moore and Dourdan are so hot that you'll wonder what's missing. In walks Jade (Gretchen Palmer), an independent, fun-loving spirit, who eagerly agrees to submit to Jermaine's fantasy. After convincing his wife to agree to his obsession, Jermaine soon begins to have doubts, especially when it appears that Jasmine and Jade seem to enjoy doing their own thing. Add to that, our lovely Jade is a psychopath, who after being dismissed by Jermaine becomes the stalker from hell.

Although the film suffers from poor plot development in areas, such as when Jade and Jasmine become immediate friends, overall it should provide audiences with a fun ride. Featuring fine supporting performances from Chrystale Wilson as Jasmine's sassy best friend, Bryce Wilson as Robert, Jade's sexy playmate and Soloman K. Smith as Jermaine's best boy Terrance, Trois delivers a good time and much food for thought.

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