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 This piece is great if you missed it last week

I LOVE AMERICA" (Patriotism Redefined) by Charles Barron *External link*

"Dr. Martin Luther King: Assassinating the man & his Legacy?" By C. Stone Brown

 "Black Woman and Black Man"  Created by  berrie

"Operation Political Correctness: Quagmire 101"  By Antonio M. Lewis

"National Friendship Week" submitted by B.C. Freeman

RE:"The Diallo Case Goes to Albany" By  Pete Shell, Campus Coalition for Peace and Justice

"Russell donates $4 million to HBCUs" By Sandra Bell  submitted by Jazminda X

" 100 Blacks in law enforcement speak out on rap music" submitted by logicalthinker

"FYI: Was Y2K a hoax?  by Gary North submitted by BCFreeman

"Open Letter" by Earl M Champ

 "Judge opts for juvenile sentence in Nate Abraham murder case" submitted by logicalthinker

"ONE"   by babylon_falling

 "Street Education" by PoEtrY  submitted by Jazminda X

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Dr. Martin Luther King: Assassinating the man & his Legacy?
C. Stone Brown.
The question of who killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. continues to haunt Americans. The questions remain: Was there a government conspiracy, was James
Earl Ray the assassin, was the United States government involved? Recently the King family won a lawsuit against Lloyd Jowers, a retired Memphis
businessman who claimed in 1993 on ABC-TV that he hired the person who killed King. The King family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Jowers for a token $100. The jury took only three hours to deliberate and find Jowers was part of a vast murder conspiracy. This verdict alone is meaningless. However, it becomes a powerful tool in the overall strategy of fueling the King family's call for a new investigation into Dr. King's assassination.

According to the King family lawyer William Pepper, there was a vast conspiracy to kill Dr. King that involved organized crime, the CIA, FBI and Army intelligence. In his closing argument, Pepper told jurors that Jowers was part of a conspiracy that involved the head of organized crime in New Orleans and a Memphis produce dealer who used Jowers to handle the payoff and the murder weapon. The army's role was planting a sniper back-up in case the assassin missed his target. The FBI, CIA, media, and local and state officials all conspired to cover up the assassination, claims Pepper.

One must ask, why would the most powerful institutions in the world all conspire to kill one black man? Sounds absurd, right? Well, my guess is it wasn't because he was a dreamer, as the media has subsequently molded Dr. King's image, instead it may be because his dreams often became a reality.
Many of us who have followed the life of Dr. Martin Luther King cannot appreciate the threat he posed to the guardians of America's social and economic order. Although he was assassinated, his legacy still poses a threat, and this is why academic, media and  political institutions misrepresent his legacy.

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It was National Friendship Week last week, But I think it should be every week.

Show your friends how
much you care. Send this to everyone you consider a

There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His
Father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every
time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into
the back of the fence. The first day the boy had
driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few
weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number
of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. He
discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to
drive those nails into the fence....
Finally the day came when the boy didn't lose his
temper at all. He told his Father about it and the
Father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail
for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The
day passed and the young boy was finally able to tell
his Father that all the nails were gone.

The Father took his son by the hand and led him to
the fence. He said, "You have done well, my son, but
look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never
be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave
a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a
man and draw it out. It won't matter how many times
you say I'm sorry, the wound is still there."

A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one. "Friends
are a very rare jewel indeed. They make you smile and
encourage you to succeed. They lend an ear, they share
words of praise and they always want to open their
hearts to us."


AM HONORED. Now send this to every friend you have!!
And to your family. This was sent to me by a friend,
and is now passed on to YOU.

Election 2000

what do you think the top issues should be?

Health Care
The Economy
Racial profiling
Right to life
Freedom of choice
Blacks on TV
School prayer
Women's rights
Campaign finance reform
Affirmative action
Gay's in the military
Trade deficit with the black community
Gun control
Tax cuts
World problems

Current Results

Last weeks Results: top 3

Dr. Martin Luther King 38%

Malcolm X 19%

George Washington Carver 11%

Black Woman and Black Man
Created by  berrie on Sat, Jan 08, 2000 @ 15:24 EST
Why is it that Black men and women so often seem on opposite pages of the political agenda? What can be done to eliminate sexism in politics and unify us as a political voice? Too often sisters are accused of adopting `white` ideology...but we have our families to consider. How can we bring brothers and sisters together on the main issues? Reply

Operation Political Correctness: Quagmire 101

Written by Antonio M. Lewis

Will political correctness ever end? The political correctness crowd has a new label for things both good and bad. You can no longer call a person over 18 a criminal; he is now an Adult Of-fender. Drug addicts have now become the Chemically Challenged. The p. c. crowd also helps perpetuate the "one drop rule,"   just for political gain as evidenced in their outrage over allowing people to acknowledge their com-plete ethnic background on the upcoming Census.

I believe such political cor-rectness is dangerous. Reason being is that it starts to infringe on the free speech and free will of indi-viduals. It also affects the education of children of color. This is evidenced by the belief that a child’s grammar and speak-ing ability should not be corrected if it is wrong. The theory behind this is that it is insulting to the child’s heritage if he or she is made to learn to speak or write correctly. In my opinion, it really is another way of lowering already low expectations and standards for people of color. I be-lieve that the political correctness police should attack the state of education in the Union or the state of the lack of healthcare for many citizens of this country. Hey, you p.c. believers why not attack the lack of a comprehensive plan to rein-vest in the future of this country: Chil-dren?  On the other hand, would that not be something that is in the mission state-ment of your movement? Political correctness became the quag-mire of dialog in the 1990’s and it will continue to bog down meaningful at-tempts at any type of dialog. As we all know that without open and unpreten-tious dialog nothing will be accomplished. Why must everything be spoken in code or why must issues be side stepped as not to offend a particular group, even I believe such political cor-rectness is dangerous. Reason being is that it starts to infringe on the free speech and free will of indi-viduals. when that issue affects that group more than others?  Ignorance and want used to be the best friends of despair, now we can add political correctness.

Mr. Lewis writes for 


The Black Educator is currently distributed to over 1,000 people nationally via e-mail. If you would like join the distribution list or would like to contribute articles, please send all inquiries to

This is a reply to last weeks edition: (click here)

The Diallo Case Goes to Albany 


Those cops are going to get let off the hook, That's why it was moved. It looks like the only way justice is going to be served it is going to have to come from the Fed level for civil rights abuses. Just like in the Rodney King case.
Well there's no guarantee that the feds will do anything either. They only acted in the Rodney King case because of the massive protests/riots. Even after several years of protest and publicity, and meetings with the justice dept., we still couldn't get the feds to press charges against the cops who murdered Jonny Gammage.  Even though we didn't win our main demands -- that all of the cops who murdered Jonny Gammage be tried and vigorously prosecuted for murder -- by
keeping the pressure on the local authorities for an effective trial, we made a lot of progress in the fight for justice. By keeping the case high profile and making them at least hold a couple of trials, we made the cops and the D.A. pay a political price. We elevated the issues of police brutality and racism in the Pittsburgh area, and made a lot of white people realize that it isn't just drug-dealing people of color who are brutalized.
And the Gammage family did win a $1M civil lawsuit against the police

  So I would urge you to keep up the struggle on the local front as well, sticking to the basic principle that if somebody has brutalized or murdered somebody, then why shouldn't they be vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent of law, regardless of whether they're a cop?

Pete Shell, Campus Coalition for Peace and Justice, Justice for JonnyGammage, Pittsburgh, PA

Russell donates $4million to HBCUS

Money to be used to create entrepreneurship centers                          By Sandra Bell 

Herman J. Russell, Chairman of H.J. Russell and Company in Atlanta,  has  earned his reputation on
construction projects ranging from participation in
the Atlanta Olympic Stadium to the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum. But, in a move that he hopes will inspire and challenge others, Russell is in effect
building a bridge to the future by endowing four
colleges and universities with a million dollars each
for entrepreneurial education.
Russell donated the funds as a challenge grant for the four recipients: Georgia State University, Clark
Atlanta University, Morehouse College and Tuskeegee University, to match. He says the schools were selected for their existing emphasis on
entrepreneurship, which he hopes the gift and the
matching funds will expand. Russell is a 1953 graduate of Tuskeegee University, and his wife is a 1952 graduate of Clark Atlanta University.
"The whole idea in giving the money is to encourage
African Americansto be entrepreneurs," said the
68-year-old Russell, a titan of the BE 100 Listing
and Chairman of the Board of the company he founded in 1952, H.J.Russell and Company (No. 9 on the B.E. Industrial/Service list with $184 million in sales.) Russell believes the best way for African
Americans to control their own destiny is to create
jobs through having their own business.

According to Clark Atlanta University President Thomas Cole, the school will use the funds to endow a chair in entrepreneurship in the name of Russell and his wife Otelia. "Most of the traditional business curriculum trained students to take their place in corporate America. But with this gift we can now focus on how to start, finance, and use strategies to have successful business," says Cole. He added that the gift will be given over time and that he expects it will take two to three years to raise the million dollar match to the Russell gift. However, he like Russell, hopes that this example will inspire others, particularly minority business owners to give something back to build for the future.
Georgia State University, a senior college in
metropolitan Atlanta, is renaming its International
Center for Entrepreneurship after Russell.
Morehouse College will use the $1 million for the
lecture series and to develop a curriculum emphasizing entrepreneurship as well as building a facility to house the entrepreneurship program. Both the program and the facility will be named for Mr. Russell. "We've been blessed so we wanted to share," says Russell, who adds that his company will continue to provide internships for students from the schools. He also plans to make himself available to participate in the lecture  series.
                     submitted by Jazminda X

Brothers and Sister,
Please read , pass along and act accordingly.
Hotep, Subject:

 The King center/March On Washington Postage Stamp
Click here for:


A new 33-cent stamp is available to celebrate 
Dr. King's historic MARCH  ON WASHINGTON .

Let's purchase this STAMP!  

We don't want it recalled  submitted by Jazminda(X)

"Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is truly a gift....That's why it's called the Present." Note: Literature sent is not necessarily the opinion of the mailer, she is a conduit for the masses.

100 Blacks in law enforcement speak out on Rap

A group of black cops  asked the record industry to help them combat violence in the streets by putting a muzzle on aggressive hip-hop lyrics.

Eric Adams, co-founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement, criticized Arista Records, RCA Records and other companies for allowing what he called a hands-off atmosphere to exist for artists who are granted their own labels.

"Instead of having their hands dirtied, they subcontract them out," Adams said of the execs. "We're asking them to police those labels, to have them police themselves. We're just asking them to have a balance, to have a more positive message." Adams said the record industry must do something to stop the seemingly endless round of violence that has left rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls dead and has accounted for numerous other shootings. More recently, Sean "Puffy" Combs has been implicated in an incident that resulted in three people being wounded at a Times Square club two weeks ago. Combs has also faced charges in connection with an attack on a recording-industry exec. "When you have entertainers taking bats and assaulting executives, someone has to say, 'Enough is enough,'" Adams said. "This is the only industry that not only tolerates that kind of violence, but promotes it." Adams also complained that performers with more positive messages "don't receive the same level of promotion" as do the hard-core acts. Adams stressed that his group is not asking for censorship -- but suggested that's something parents should try. "Parents can do something about this in their homes," he said. "I think they'd be shocked if they heard some of the lyrics their children are listening to when they walk past them with headphones on."Adams said his organization will be sending letters to six companies this week, asking for a meeting to address the issue. The firms are Sony, Columbia, Priority, Def Jam, Arista and RCA.

100 Blacks in law enforcement speak out on many issues that on law enforcement and have a very helpful list of information that you should find useful. (Click here to see more)

Gary North's REALITY CHECK Issue No. 45
January 7, 2000


The rollover went by without a major breakdown anywhere in the world, including all those Third World nations, small businesses, and local governments that had done almost nothing to fix Y2K. There was no 72-hour storm.  This was unexpected by everyone, most of all, me There were also no terrorist attacks, no viruses, no nothing.  But nobody blames the government for months and months of "fear-mongering" over terrorism. What there is, is broken code.  Peter de Jager, whose Web site just sold for $2.1 million, told the press this week that the computerized operations of the world still have not been proven safe and sound.  Glitches are there, waiting to happen, he says, and we should expect to put up with them for months to come.  Cory Hamasaki agrees. But as for a breakdown, we're out of the woods. 

 Unless. . . .Continued on page 2


List of links that you will find interesting:

 Wonders of the African world with

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. If you missed the special on P.B.S.  

www.The Marcus Garvey


And for our Caribbean Friends

get the latest news.

"Open Letter"

There is too much, far too much
"Black on Black" crime,
So I can't help but ask,
Have you actually lost your mind?

Haven't we, as a people,
Endured enough sorrow and hate?
And haven't you yet learned,
That we, as a people must and should relate!

Was it not bad enough
The grief that others gave,
Or did you forget the cruelty and lies,
And the fact that we were slaves?

Did you also close your mind
To all that still stands against you,
So how could you even think to choose
Your Brothers and Sisters to kill and abuse?

Tell me, just when did you change,
Better yet, when did you lose your mind?
When did you stop caring for your people,
And forgot the art of being loving and kind?

Did you somehow forget the old saying,
"Together we shall stand"
You forgot too, that we are a proud people,
A proud people from the same homeland.

So remember you hurt us "all"
Even when you hurt or abuse just one,
Remember that is a Black man's daughter,
Or a Black Mother's son.

And tell me, what will you have to look forward to
When you have come up and aged in years,
For who will look after you when you are older
Now living alone and in fear?

Remember, one should seek to help, to teach,
To share in the spiritual growth of another,
For it is my strong belief,

This race can't be stretched much farther.

So please, rethink your way of life,
And return "Black" and to the natural way,
The ways of helping, caring, and teaching,
As it was done in our forefathers day.

Check out more great poetry from Earl M Champ @ his great site 

Judge opts for juvenile sentence in 

controversial teen murder case

PONTIAC, Michigan, Jan 13 -A judge sentenced Nathaniel Abraham, one of the youngest juveniles ever charged as an adult with murder in the United States, to detention in a juvenile center Thursday. Rejecting prosecutors' pleas for a tougher sentence, Judge Eugene Moore ruled the 13-year-old should be held until he was 21 in the juvenile system for the murder of Ronnie Greene in October 1997. Prosecutors had asked for a so-called "blended sentence," for Abraham, keeping him in the juvenile system and deferring until later the possibility of an adult sentence. But Moore, siding with the defense, said the boy could be "brutalized" in an adult prison and would likely emerge as "a hardened criminal." "With the progress he's made in the last two years, plus the next eight years, the juvenile system should be able to rehabilitate him," Moore said Abraham has been locked up for the past two and a half years awaiting trial. The teen was convicted of second-degree murder in November last year for shooting Ronnie Greene, 18, outside a convenience store in Pontiac, a Detroit suburb. The case, which provoked an outcry about the Michigan statute that allows juveniles to be tried as adults, has also become highly politicised. More than 200 demonstrators, including the Reverend Al Sharpton and the son of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, came from several states to protest the possibility of an adult sentence Thursday. The protestors, including leaders of the NAACP, argued Abraham had been singled out for harsh treatment because he is black. "This was a child who played with a gun. No white child would have been kept in a detention cell for two and a half years," if a gun they accidentally fired had hit someone, defense attorney Geoffrey Fieger argued earlier. "There is a belief that there is a tide of predators ... young African-American children who need to be kept under the thumb of the criminal justice system. "Attorneys for the boy said they will seek a retrial. They claim Greene's death was an accident and that Abraham was shooting at trees. But Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Lisa Halushka argued the blended sentence would both preserve the chance that Abraham could be rehabilitated and protect the community from him if he were not. Both Fieger and Judge Moore denounced the new Michigan law that allowed Abraham to be sentenced as an adult, saying it was the result of legislators pandering to exaggerated fears about youth crime Moore said the answer to youth violence is greater efforts at prevention, not putting younger offenders in adult jails. "If we put more kids into a failed adult system, we should not be surprised when they emerge upon their release as hardened criminals," the judge said. Prosecutors had asked the judge to retain the option of giving the teen an eight- to 25-year adult prison sentence at a later date.


by babylon_falling

You think you can judge me just by looking at me
You see long hair, tattoo's, and earrings and you instantly categorize me
That may be how I look but that's not all I am
I possess morals, goals, and direction; some things you might not understand

I do not subscribe to your god, but I know right from wrong
To achieve peace and equality, we as one must be strong
We have the awesome ability of vision, however, we should strive to be colorblind
Look past all outward appearances and instead look at what's inside

Ignorance is not an excuse for violence, but it is a good one for education
We need to work together towards common goals as a multi-colored nation
Shatter any myths of a fabled supremacy
We all have the human right of parallel equality
Its time for us all to join in equity

Brothers and Sisters,
Here is another thought provoking poem coming right at
ya. Shouts going out to Demetrius, your page is

Street Education
by PoEtrY

from being a street educated nigga
to becoming a college educated figure
I have yet to reach the standard in which I'm shooting
see though I've scraped the sidewalk streets
and allowed school systems to train my mental like an
there are still many more avenues i need to explore.

like getting my brotha's on the street
to put down the heat,
and giving our children dreams of walking on water
instead of images of walking on alcohol poured

like getting my sista's
to recognize that they are gods finest creation,
and though brotha's may not admit it out loud
you are our wings of elevation.

i wanna get my brotha's to recognize that
family is first and everything else is secondary,
so understand you don't have to settle for being a
when you can evolve to becoming a visionary.

because visionaries are the one's that make moves.

I've never had a strong bond with god
but yet I'm trying to re-strengthen that bridge,
see i can't be focused on when i might die cause I'm
too busy trying to educate kids in the neighborhood in
which i live.

see schools teach about Christopher cold-HUNG-us..(I
but don't teach you about watching out for crooked
white cops,
try educating you about their American history but
never said how
you could be history by stray bullets just walking on
your own block.

the ghetto is like one big delivery room....
giving birth to every element that society doesn't
want to deal with,
I'm talking under-age mother's, uneducated children,
strung out addicts
and nigga's and bitches from the Brooklyn bridge to
the bricks.

they overflow comminutes with crooked government
and racist cops that walk the city's concrete,
they have you focused on meteors falling from the
to distract you from thinking about all the brotha's
falling in the streets.

we have our own death penalty in our neighborhoods
because every brotha's strapped ready to execute,
that's why theses days you have to think twice and be
when you and a stranger get into a dispute.

I'm just trying to educate you cause without a little
street education
most brotha and sista's will never get ahead,
that's why I'm trying to give you something real to
think about
so I won't have to worry about you one day ending up 


Reprinted with Permission of PoEtrY
1999 Copyright Horace Allen. All Rights Reserved

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