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"The passing of Curtis Mayfield"  Jazminda(X)

"Did everyone's computer survive the Y2K Bug?"


"Bradley Delivers Address on America in the New Millennium"


"Will You Stand For Jesus?" Something to think about.  Jazminda(X)


"Crime and Capitalism"  C. Stone Brown.

"Driving while black' study begins in N.C". DENNIS PATTERSON 

"I LOVE AMERICA" (Patriotism Redefined) by  Charles Barron *External link*


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Brothers and Sisters,

It deeply saddens me to hear about the loss of Curtis Mayfield 

as he was a musical legend and one of my
favorite artist. What impressed me most about Curtis
was he was very active in the civil rights era, and his
proactiveness was deeply rooted in his songs.

He used the lyrics of his songs to educate, promote
unity, instill self determination, and awareness, among
our people.

These themes were captured in such songs as:

   * Choice of Colors
   * Keep On Pushing
   * Fred Is Dead
   * If There Is A Hell Below
   * Were A Winner
   * This Is My Country

   This is My Country

   "Some people think
   That we don't have the right
   To say... "This is my country'
   Before they give in
   They rather fuss and fight
   Then say... 'This is my country'
   But I've paid 300 years or more
   Of slave driving sweat and whips on my back
   This is my country'"

Curtis wrote these words in the late 1960's,and they
reflected a new attitude which was evolving in the
minds of many African Americans.

Curtis music was also banned by many white radio
stations who knew that the songs had double meanings
associated with them.

My favorite records in which Curtis recorded also
include, but are not limited to:

   * So In Love
   * Tripping Out
   * Love Me Now
   * Describing The Makings Of You

I would have to say that of all the songs in which
Curtis sung,"Choice Of Colors" is my favorite.

Since Curtis is so special to me, I'm going to close
this email in song, and everybody knows I can't sing.
lol Bare with me I can't find the CD to this
particular song , therefore I'm only going to sing
what I remember.

   If we had a choice of colors
   Which one would you choose my brother
   If there were no day or night
   Which one would you prefer to be right

   People must prove to the people
   A better day is coming
   For you and for me
   With just a little bit more education
   And love for our nation
   Will make a better society

   Well some of us
   Would rather cuss
   Then to bring ona little trust .....

If anyone has the lyrics to this song I would really
appreciate if you send it to me. Any CD's by Curtis
will also be gladly appreciated .

Curtis will be surly missed. However, I'm sure he's in
heaven right now jammin with Grover, Marvin, Eddie,and David.

Please sign the guest book on behalf of

 Curtis Mayfield's Tribute:
submitted by Jazminda(X)

"Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is truly a gift....That's why it's called the Present." Note: Literature sent is not necessarily the opinion of the mailer, she is a conduit for the masses.


People celebrating the year 2000 as the turn of the millennium are behind the times.

As A.D. (Anno Domini) replaced B.C. (Before Christ),  so has A.M.M.M. (After Million Man March) supplanted A.D. The time is now year 5 A.M.M.M..  The New Year changes on the Day of Atonement, October 16, the anniversary of the march.

The world as we knew it has ended. We are living in a new time, based on a modern perspective of the African-American experience with its chosen people and their future, history, heroes, exodus, tragedies, and triumphs. We should continue developing our culture and put together our program of national boundaries, arts, laws, economics, education, healthcare, spirituality, athletics, etc. We should be in control of our culture and continue sharing it with the rest of the world to make it better.

We plan to further define this entire concept in the future. For now, whenever possible or appropriate, we write dates as above until the new understanding is more widely circulated and accepted. Thanks for reading, responding to, and repeating this thought.

Adam Jackson 
December 31, 1999-5

The Black person of the past millennium

Vote for who you think should have the Title Black person of the century

Fredrick Douglass
Dr. W.E.B. Dubios
George Washington Carver
Marcus Garvey
Dr Martin Luther King
Malcolm X
Booker T. Washington
Paul Robsen
Michael Jordan
Muhamed Ali
Jesse Owens
Sojuner Truth
Rosa parks.
Harriet Tubman
Betty Sabazz
Billie Holiday
Joesphine Baker
Mary MCleod Bethune
Maya Angelou
Carol Mosley Braun

Current Results
The Diallo Case Goes to Albany
Created by  DahomeyEmpress 
For fair-trial purposes the Diallo case has been moved to Albany. NYC has a white population of 39% whereas Albany has white population of 89%. Coincidence? I think not. What do you think? What do you think of Sharpton` plan to protest in Albany? reply here

Did everyone's computer survive the Y2K Bug

 Dear Friends:
            I hope that your computers were able to
withstand the power of the Y2K Bug. I think that mine made it
without a problem. I am beginning to believe that maybe there was
no real problem only an opportunity for computer companies to make
easy money by scaring people . I note that from what I have seen
countries who had virtually no Y2K compliance have had no reported problems.  

What do you think??????

Your Friend,


And here Is the response

Subject: Re: Did everyone's computer survive the Y2K Bug?
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 15:58:05 GMT

Hi All,

As a IT professional, I can tell you that the Y2K bug was very real.  Companies wouldn't have spent hundreds of millions of dollars fixing something that didn't need to be fixed.  I don't know of any programmers being out of work in the last year and half.  And if you notice, not all the problems have been fixed.  I have been in two stores that could not process credit card transactions because their card machines not being Y2K compliant.  The fact is that most companies did a good job handling the problem.  You lawyers should know that these companies would have been held legally responsible if they had ignored the problem.

Take care,

Brian A. Walton, Sr.

A bill will be heard in Congress next week to prohibit affirmative action in
admissions for ANY institution of higher education that receives ANY federal funding (Pell grants, loans, etc.).

This would end affirmative action in EVERY COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY IN
Rep. Frank Riggs (R-CA) Chairman of the House Education
Subcommittee on Children, Youth, and Families is planning to offer
an ANTI-AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in admissions amendment when the Higher Education Act
is voted on the floor NEXT WEEK.
The amendment would prohibit all institutions of higher education
from using affirmative action in its' admission decisions. If even one student
at the institution receives federal funds (i.e., Pell Grant or Student Loan)
they would be violating federal law under this proposal.
Affirmative action would be illegal even if the school believes it is necessary

to insure a diverse student body, or to remedy past
or present discrimination. E-mail address:
Congressman Frank Riggs - U.S. House of Representives
Call members of Congress (202) 224-3121 and the President (202)
456-1414. They need to hear from us the importance of affirmative action.

reply here

submitted by: "Lorraine Williams" and  Daymon Arnold 

** Bradley Delivers Address on America in the New Millennium ** 

In a speech today outlining his vision for the new millennium, Bill Bradley called upon America to meet the challenges of this new era.

Bradley invoked the "faith in our future" that has characterized this nation of pioneers and immigrants, and challenged the American people to make the "21st century even more of an American Century than the 20th." As we head into the new millennium, note
d Bradley, we must apply this pioneer spirit, along with our recent prosperity, toward addressing the challenges the face our country.

"We must use our prosperity and our new technology to lift up those who are struggling, and ease the uncertainty that so many Americans still have about their economic well-being," said Bradley. "...We can't afford in this new age to leave anyone behind."

Find out more about Bill Bradley and the other Candidates.

"Click here "

Brothers  and Sisters

 Something to think about.

Will You Stand For Jesus? One Sunday morning during service, a 2,000-member congregation was surprised to see two men enter, both covered from head to toe in black and carrying sub-machine guns.   One of the men proclaimed, "Anyone willing to take a bullet for Christ remain where you are. " Immediately, the choir fled, the deacons fled, and most of the congregation fled. Out of the 2,000 there only remained around 20.   The man who had spoken took off his hood, looked at the preacher and said, "Okay Pastor, I got rid of all the hypocrites. Now you may begin your service. Have a nice day!"   And the two men turned and walked out. 


submitted by Jazminda(X)

"Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is truly a gift....That's why it's called the Present." Note: Literature sent is not necessarily the opinion of the mailer, she is a conduit for the masses.

List of links that you will find interesting:

 Wonders of the African world with

Henry Louis Gates Jr. If you missed the special on P.B.S.  

www.The Marcus Garvey


And for our Caribbean Friends

get the latest news.

Brothers and Sisters,
Of all of the emails in which I have sent  in the
past three years, this one is among the most
important. I'm really feeling this piece. Please read
and distribute widely.




There is a real distinction between real black
leadership and leadership that just happens to be
black.  As we close the 20th century and move ever
so swiftly into the 21st century, we must clearly
define what authentic effective leadership is for our
communities. Dr. W.E.B. Dubios prophetically stated
that "The problem of the 20th century is the problem
of the  color line" or racism?

Racism is not a permanent proposition.  We should not
so easily resolve that "we just have to live with it"
nor should we feel that we must, "get over it" or "get
around it." We can, must and will eradicate racism in
the 21st century.  Just as legal chattel slavery in
America and legal apartheid in South Africa were
temporary, so is institutional racism in America,
temporary.  Any Leadership that proclaims the
permanency of any form of oppression is a leadership
not fit to lead.

However, after saying all that, I submit to you that
the challenge for Black Leadership in the 21st century
is to develop the organizations and collective
leadership that will lead us to the obtaining and
maintaining of Political and Economic "POWER," to go
along with our already God-given spiritual power.  The
black leadership quest for the 21st century is indeed
a quest for power.  When we say "Black" leadership, we
must then ask the question;  What does it mean to be
black?  Or better yet what makes a person black?  It's
not our skin pigmentation because some of us are light
skinned and nobody is asphalt black.  It's not our
African features; broad noses, full lips or course
hair, because some of us have pointed noses,thin lips
and straight hair.  So what makes us black?
Blackness is a political statement and a cultural
declaration of solidarity as a people who have a
common African ancestry and a common history of

In order to effectively deal with the acquisition of
power in the 21st century, we must go back to our
original critique of making the distinction between
"Real Black Leadership and Leadership that happens to
be Black."

Real Black Leadership is authentically rooted in and
genuinely committed to the Black Community and is
anointed by the masses, not appointed by the media or
the classes.

Leadership that happens to be Black has no authentic
roots in, or solid commitment to the Black Community
and is appointed by the white power structure and
media to be an overseer and a partner in the political
and economic oppression of the Black Community.

Real Black Leadership views their blackness as a
cultural declaration and statement of political
solidarity with the Black Community and is willing to
be held accountable to black organizations and a black

Leadership that happens to be Black is in denial of
their Blackness and states that Blackness is something
they just so happen to be.They will "sellout" the
Black community to the highest bidder, usually a White
developer or White Politicians.  They will justify
their betrayal of the Black Community by calling it
"economic development," and "political propagmatism"
when in fact it's  "economic exploitation" and
"political cronyism."

Real Black Leadership is principle centered, people
centered and will readily adhere to a collective
leadership philosophy and a collective decision making

Leadership that happens to be Black is egocentric,
individualistic and often uses their Blackness as a
"Front" to fulfill a personal agenda for personal
aggrandizement. This type of leadership builds fan
clubs and calls them organizations and suffers from
delusions of grandeur while building personality
cults, not collective leadership.

Real Black Leadership  boldly challenges the  system.
They are not afraid to "put it on the line" and
challenge white supremacy and its political and
economic oppression of the Black community.

Leadership the happens to be Black, is co-oped by "the
system" and is on a mission to maintain the status quo
even if it means "selling out" its beloved Black
community. This kind of leadership "goes along to get
along," and prioritizes "the party over the people."

Real Black Leadership wants us to never forget our
enslavement and fights for reparations and justice.
This type of leadership fights against institutional
racism, classism and sexism.  It builds on our
historical legacy of resistance from civil rights to
human rights, from integration to separation, and from
reform to revolution.

Leadership that happens to be Black suffers from an
acute case of historical amnesia.  They want us to
forget slavery and stop blaming the system for our
problems.  This is a type of "pull yourself up by your
boot straps" leadership that blames Black people for
their oppression and lets "the system" off the hook.
They must be reminded that any analysis of the
condition of an oppressed people that excludes the
oppressor will always conclude by blaming the

Real Black Leadership proudly asserts their African
heritage and readily identifies themselves as Africans
or African Americans. This leadership understands that
"we may have come over here in different ships but we
are all in the same boat now."  And that "the blood
that binds us is thicker than the waters that divide
us."  This type of leadership proclaims that
whether you are an African born in America, an African
born in the Caribbean, or any where else in the
diaspora, we are all one proud African family destined
to be free.

Leadership that happens to be Black suffers from an
identity crises and readily identifies with the labels
that their host oppressive nation provides for them.
These are leaders in America who denounce their
African-ness and proudly proclaim that they are plain
and simply "Americans."  These are leaders in the
Caribbean and Africa who denounce their African-ness
and act more British than the British.
These are leaders who suffer from low self-esteem and
self- hatred, and who believe whole heartedly in the
superiority of their white oppressors.

Real Black Leadership is balanced and flexible with
strategy, but uncompromising and rigidly committed to
principles and values. This type of leadership
understands that there is a time for protesting and
marching, and there is a time for building
institutions, economic development and self-reliance.
But at no time do you compromise your principles and

Leadership that happens to be Black is rigidly
committed to "safe strategies" and readily compromises
its principles and values for personal gain.  This
type of leadership falsely promotes economic
development and denounces marching and protesting as a
"thing of the sixties."  They fail to see the
connection between social activism and economic
development as a means toward social change and
community empowerment.

Real Black Leadership is a radical visionary
leadership that sees with their biological eyes the
conditions of the Black community for what it is in
reality, while simultaneously sees with their minds
eye a vision of how powerful and magnificent the Black
community can be in the future. This type of leader is
a "prisoner of hope" and eternally optimistic.

Leadership that happen to be Black has no vision for
the Black community and sees leadership as the "art of
deal making." They claim that "there are no permanent
friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent
interest." This type of leadership prides itself in
securing contracts and political patronage jobs and
programs for family members and inner circle
They are pessimistic about the future of the Black
community and provide no hope or inspiration for
radical social change.

Real Black Leadership is more proactive than reactive,
organizes more than mobilizes, fights for systemic
change and social transformation while calling for an
equitable redistribution of the wealth and power in
this nation.  Real Black Leadership can, must, and
will emerge in the 21st century.  We will do this in
honor of our ancestors, who were "a people who refuse
to die" and for our children, who "dare to live."


For More Information Contact:
Mr. Charles Barron President/CEO
Dynamics of Leadership, Inc.
(718) 722-7604

 submitted by jazminda(x)

 "Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is a Mystery.
Today is truly a gift....That's why it's called the Present."

Note: Literature sent is not necessarily the opinion of the
mailer, she is a conduit for the masses.

This Weeks Quiz Question.

From a Great African American pioneer.

Who said this?

I think I may say without boasting that in the period from 1901 to 1930 I was the main factor in revolutionizing the attitude of the American Negro toward caste. My stinging hammer blows made Negroes aware of themselves, confident of their possibilities and determined in self-assertion. So much so that today common slogans among the Negro people are taken from the words of my mouth.

answer below next article.

Driving while black' study begins in N.C.

Copyright 1999 Nando Media
Copyright 1999 Associated Press


RALEIGH (December 29, 1999 12:27 p.m. EST -
The Highway Patrol and other state law enforcement
agencies will begin keeping detailed statistics on all
traffic stops Saturday as part of an experiment to see
if black drivers are unfairly targeted.
reply here
The "driving-while-black" study is one of several
dozen new state laws that take effect Jan. 1. Others
will double the penalty for parking in a handicapped
space, allow cities to use cameras to snag drivers who
run red lights and require insurance companies to
cover prescription

"I've been pleasantly surprised with the attitudes of
most officers who have talked to me," said state Sen.
Frank Ballance, D-Warren, who sponsored the
driving-while-black measure. "I haven't talked to many
of them, but the ones I've talked to say, 'Hey, we
don't do it. A test won't bother us at all.'"

Ballance and other black legislators who endorsed the
bill said there is a perception among blacks that they
frequently are stopped because of their color. Keeping
information on each traffic stop, and not just
those in which tickets are issued, will help prove or
disprove that

"What I think will happen is, with all the publicity
coming out about this issue, people will clean up
their act," Ballance said. "It won't hurt my feeling
if this shows they aren't doing it."

Sgt. Jeff Winstead of the state Highway Patrol said
troopers are ready to begin keeping the figures
Saturday. The statistics will be turned over to the
Attorney General's Office, which will compile and
analyze them.

"One of our considerations is that the motorist
shouldn't notice any  difference," Winstead said.

 submitted by jazminda(x)

 "Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is a Mystery.
Today is truly a gift....That's why it's called the Present."

Note: Literature sent is not necessarily the opinion of the
mailer, she is a conduit for the masses.

answer to quiz question
W.E.B. Dubois

Educator, editor, historian, sociologist, First Black to receive a Doctorate from Harvard and the premier architect of the civil rights movement. 1868 - 1963  


Crime and Capitalism

C. Stone Brown.

Make the connection....
enjoy the surge!
Corrections is facing an explosion....
why shouldn't your company profit
from this incredible growth?

-1994 promotional brochure,
American Correctional Association

The United States of America has quietly become one of
the world's leaders in the rate of incarcerating its
citizens. At a figure of 519 prisoners for every
100,000 people, America is second only to former cold
war enemy Russia, at 558 per 100,000. Federal and
state prisons have recently reached the dubious
milestone of having a combined 1.5 million or more
inmates in
prison and jail.

In a recent report by the U.S Justice Department, for
the first time in American history, African-Americans
represent the majority of inmates in federal and state
prisons. There are now approximately 735,200 black
inmates in prison-aproximately 10,000 more than

According to economist, overall, 2% of America's
potential workforce are incarcerated, and it is more
than triple that for black males 18 or older.
What is America's collective sociological need that
drives  its approach to dealing with crime?
Statistically, violent crime disproportionately affects
 the underprivileged of our society. However,
solutions are not often the ideas of the underprivileged,
 frequently they are paternally
administered by the privileged class.

If the solution to America's crime problem is left to the actions of the privileged class,
 we should expect
the solution to augment their status, 
while further alienating the underprivileged. 
This explains the presence of America's growing "Prison Industry."
some of America's largest Wall Street brokerage firms,
are underwriting prison construction with private tax-exempt bonds.
 Indeed, America has found its anecdote to crime,
 it is Wall Street's biggest merger to date,
Crime & Capitalism.

Crime & Capitalism is a very suggestive expression, 
it immediately discloses an American trend-that crime does pay,
 and if justice does not prevail, profits surely will.
 The increasing number of private prison firms are the latest societal indicator that 
"street" crime is permissible, 
under the tacit prescription that it is contained, managed and operated like a business enterprise. Private prison firms are very attractive to many states whose budgets have been depleted by mandatory sentencing guidelines and the latest
"three strikes your out" craze.  
These private prison firms house state convicts on a per diem charge,
reducing the state government's  cost of constructing new prisons,
 paying guard wages, insurance, pensions and other associated maintenance security cost.

There are approximately 50,000 private prison beds in the United States;
 experts expect this number to rise considerably in the next decade.
 According to an article in the TORONTO STAR, September 25th 1994, 
The largest private prison company is (CCA) Corrections Corporation of America.
 CCA was founded in 1983 by
Doctor Crants, a graduate of West Point and Harvard Business School.
  CCA is listed on the prestigious NewYork Stock Exchange,  it answers to share holders and has board meetings like all publicly traded companies.
What does distinguish CCA from other listed companies is how crime affects stock holder profits.
 The annual FBI and Justice Department national crime data,
are excellent leading indicators of future dividends.
For companies like CCA, the local crime-briefs of
American newspapers are as important as the business

CCA has grown considerably since its debut in 1983. It
is now a $100-million company with 21 prisons spread
over  America, Australia and the United Kingdom. CCA
has already come under scrutiny in two states.
Tennessee's $60 million contract with CCA is currently
under review by the state legislature, and at two of
their private facilities in Texas, a 1990 report
revealed that "inexperienced" prison employees had
used excessive force on inmates. Additionally, inmates
were not extended services which were required under
the state contract to assist inmates return to
society. Few would argue, it is in the interest of CCA
profits, that prisoners return to their profit making
facility and not back into society.

Surprisingly, some of America's icon companies are
diversifying their investments in private prison
construction. For instance, American Express, the
company that tells us to "never leave home without
it," has invested millions in private prison
construction in Oklahoma. And (GE) General Electric,
the company that "Brings good things to life," have
financed private prison construction in Tennessee.

As America's system of justice sanctions the profits
and privatization of prisons, convicted criminals are
no longer viewed as pariahs of society. Comparable to
slaves during America's colonial period, convicts have
become a very desirable commodity across the nation.
Perhaps the convicts are not as seductive as the jobs
they yield to many communities. For example, the state
of North Carolina sends its convicts to a private
prison in Oklahoma, and recently the state of Virginia
chartered jet 150 inmates to a county-owned,
for-profit detention center in east Texas. In 31 days,
those 150 Virginia prisoners earned the Texas county
more than $200,000.

The owner of the east Texas detention center, Bobby
Ross remarked: "Its kind of like a factory in a
sense." Indeed, for many involved in the industry of
crime, it's no surprise that a county in Texas would
be one of the first to recognize the profitable
merging of Crime & Capitalism. It is projected that in
just a few months, Texas will have the largest penal
system in the country, larger than the even the
federal government. At a projected figure of 155,000
inmates, Texas knows convicts, like Idaho knows

Although Texas may be the Lone Star State, they have
plenty of company when it comes to taking advantage of
America's swelling prison population. In California,
CRIME is a synonym for JOB SECURITY. Just ask the
state correctional officers whose average salary is
$45,000 annually. It was a small investment for the
prison guard union to contribute nearly a half million
dollars($425,000) to Gov. Pete Wilson's gubernatorial
campaign. This was the largest single contribution
ever reported by a candidate for governor.

If the old adage "money talks," has any legitimacy,
one can only deduce that Gov.Pete Wilson was being
advised in unequivocal terms that "crime" is the
commerce of California's future. Such "money talk"
does not forebode well for the citizens of California.

In the East, New York city crime is a "cash cow" for
one particular Republican county in New York state.
According to the state's corrections committee
chairman, in 1992, the 110th district received $124
million in salaries, local purchases of food and
supplies, maintenance contracts and other operating

Suburban counties similar to the 110th district in New
York state have a financial interest in watching urban
crime flourish across the nation. For instance, in New
York state, 71 percent of prison inmates are from New
York city. However, nearly 99 percent of those
prisoners are transported up-state to New York's
affluent white middle class suburbs, where urban crime
is converted to good paying jobs.

In Pennsylvania, privatization of prisons is being
challenged in court by Prison Employees Union.
According to an August 22, 1995 PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER
between a bitter law  suit is the second largest
private prison company, WACKENHUT
CORRECTIONS CORP. The lawsuit was filed by the
Delaware County prison employees union, asserting the
state constitutional illegality of the county's
decision to privatize.

With 250 union employees, the union has no assurances
of being rehired by WACKENHUT CORP. With only one
labor union in its 23 U.S locations, WACKENHUT CORP
isn't exactly a haven for union activity. In other
areas of the state, draconian measures are being
employed to help defray the cost of
incarcerating inmates. For instance, counties such as
Berks, Chester, Montgomery, and Lehigh charge inmates
for health care and in some instances rent, says Angus
Love, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Institutional
Law Project, a legal service agency.

When inmates are unable to pay, collection agencies
are hired to pursue payment. Critics see such measures
as an unnecessary roadblock to financially handicap a
convict's chance to integrate back into society.

Child labor exploitation, sweat shops, and Chinese
prison slavery have all made recent headlines in the
mainstream press. However, America needs to look in
their own yard-the prison yard, where thousands of
convicts are manufacturing products for state and
private industry with little pay. State governments
are are essentially instituting a slave-like work
force within its prison walls.

With cooperative agreements with small manufacturing
companies, states are merging-if you will, in creating
a semi-factory prison work force. The prison work
force is paid minimum wage, at least where labor
unions have forced their hand. Inmates
net approximately $1 an hour after deductions. Thirty
states have legalized privately run operations.

Here are just a few of the states, and products

 -Hawaii-packing golf balls
 -Maryland-modular houses, processed
  hot dogs
 -New Mexico-hotel chain reservations
 -Oregon-designer blue jeans, called "prison blues"

There is also a boom in companies vending their
product or services to the "Prison Industry." How many
industries can boast that the rate of its target
market (prison population) is growing 8.5% annually?
The scope of vendors at the 1995 (ACA) American
Correctional Association Convention, range from
a "Dial soap" representative, to QueTel Corp, who
impress prison wardens with technology to bar code

Should Americans be legitimately fearful that Wall
Street has recognized that crime not only pays, but it
pays billions? Ask Arthur McDonald, former owner of
California's largest private prison firm, ECLECTIC
COMMUNICATIONS INC. McDonald, now retired from the $10
million dollar sale of ECLECTIC, told the LOS ANGELES
TIMES, "Crime pays. I hate saying that, but it really
does." Since that sale in 1988, ECLECTIC has received
contracts exceeding $50 million.

Have we reached that critical stage in America where
the alienated and disenfranchised of our society are
valued only for their eventual imprisonment? Although
these are questions for all Americans to answer,
how they are answered, will disproportionately affect
the future of African-Americans.

The American prison and jail population is over 1.5
million. While African-Americans are 13% of the
general population, they are nearly half of the 1.5
million incarcerated population. Experts believe that
the prison
population has swelled due to a so-called "War on
Drugs."  Drug related convictions are certainly one of
the reasons African-Americans are disproportionately
incarcerated, but one has to question why.

According to the Department of Health and Human
Services, 2.4 million(64.4 percent) of crack users are
White, compared to 1 million Blacks(26.6 percent).
Yet, in a 1992 study by the U.S Sentencing Commission,
91.3 percent of those sentenced for federal crack
offenses were Black, while 3 percent were white. Such
stark numbers irrefutably reveal that
African-Americans are the flesh that maintains a
profitable "Prison Industry."

With the billion dollar profits from prison
construction, warehousing prisoners, vending goods,
and the operation of a slave-like work force,Blacks
haven't been this desirable to middle America since
the Middle Passage. That was a period when the labor
of enslaved Blacks created the initial "capital-for
what today we call capitalism." In comparison today,
as prisoners are being transported from state to
state, and the implementation of a slave-like work
force, it is difficult to ignore the frightening

When the privileged of society take aim to profit from
the misery of crime, they become accomplice to social
disorder, complicit in creating a criminal class.
Their quality of life becomes tied to a misery/revenue
where profits are merely a function of the misery of
others. America's symbol of  justice is unfolding
before our eyes. It is no longer a blind folded woman,
it is now an accountant, not balancing the scales of
justice, but debits and credits on a balance sheet.

This article was published by permission from C. Stone Brown. 
Mr. Brown is a  Black history/political writer who resides in
Philadelphia. E-mail replies to

submitted by Jazminda(X)


Brothers and Sisters,
In keeping with the spirit of unity, please read, pass
along and act accordingly.

Subject: Black Internet Net-Thon

Happy New Year you are cordially invited to participate
in the Black Internet NET-THON Millennium 2000
to establish a "Black Resource Center"
How Can You Help?
Pledge, that you will honor in this  new millennium,
to help a brother(s) and/or sister(s) of African ancestry,

who is an online member of the Black Bank Resource
Center, by volunteering a service in the form of
instruction, advice, or consultation.

*only required to help one person only


Because we are descendants of a great  people,
we pledge to seek a positive soul that shines on us
all,have  a gentle  touch  for our brothers and
sisters when we hear their cries,listen to each other
so we can nurture and  grow together and as our
ancestors  continually bless us with a deep sense of
heritage and knowledge, we pledge to keep the faith
that inspires us collectively so that we continue to
be a
great people.

The purpose of this net-thon is to establish a pool of

black resources consisting of persons willing to help
each other.  A way to give your knowledge of expertise
to someone of the black community who needs some
advice.   A way to network and support each othe

car maintenance
web design
governmental agency advice  - eg. social services
air condition/refrigeration
photography tips
writing, publishing
art techniques
investment advice
college/vocational education advice

*now you add to the list

Together, we become a fruitful and rich community!

In the spirit of unity,

January 6, 2000.

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