Vol.1 9/17/99

News Letter   

Welcome to the First Edition of the Logical Thinkers Newsletter. This newsletter has been created to add some thought provoking insight to the events that have taken place in the last week. I will be covering the top stories on a weekly basis that matter to all people of color living in America. I am trying to cut threw the Bull that you usually get from the main-stream news organizations,  and present the things that they so conveniently leave out when the press reports the news. I will also be looking for your input on any topic that you think needs to be addressed. I will be adding them to the next issue. So come on and spend a few minutes and check out what I have for you.

Second trial in the dragging death Of Black Man. Begins in Jasper Texas

All I can say is Death penalty for This Crime. There can be no excuse for what they did. They committed one of the most horrible crimes I have ever heard of. It doesn't even matter what color the victim was, they just showed that had no thought of human life.

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Bill Bradley enters the presidential race

Former NJ Senator Bill Bradley announced he would run against Vice President Al Gore for the Democratic nomination for president in 2000. He is a very strong contender for Gore who has not really been to successful getting his campaign rolling. Bradley who was senator in for NJ for 18 years and is very much an advocate for racial and cultural causes, is running at a dead statistical tie in New York and he will just continue to gain strength with his messages of using the nations prosperity for the good of all America with statements like, "Shouldn't we be fixing our roof while the sun is shining?" Bradley is Pro business, anti gun, pro choice, pro campaign reform and definitely going to be looking out for civil rights and Racial profiling.

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The press is at it again

While reading the New York Post on Wednesday 9/17/99 page 33 by Robert D. Novak.

Mr. Novack's article There is A black Woman also seeking the reform party nod named Lenora Fulani.Right under her picture the caption reads

N.Y. Radical Lenora Fulani,

Why is it when a Black person trys to run for an office they are labeled negatively. Come on when you have Pat Buchananin the same story and even had Pat Buchanan's picture next to Lenora Fulani's. Who is the real radical in this picture. Come on Mr. Novak you need to move past these petty presumptions and call the real spade a spade?

UPN network on the chopping block.

The UPN network will be sold after CBS and Paramount merged. So what is going to happen to one of the Minority friendly networks on the air today?

Master P and Magic Johnson where are you? Here is your chance.

Gun Violence strikes again

When are the politicians going to wake up and see the light? Gun control is the only answer. When stricter gun laws are inacted. We all are in danger of being victims of gun violence. Wake up Washington.

Bravo Spike Lee

I had the pleasure of catching Spike Lee on the O'Reilly Factor on the Fox news channel .Mr. O'Reilly had a very hostile attitude toward Spike and was trying to bait him into getting ugly, With comments like "Racial Profiling is not a problem because the Blacks Stopped were criminals. "But Spike stayed in a calm and cool mood. And said I thought I was here to talk about my movie, not Politics.

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This Weeks Quiz Question.

From a Great African American pioneer.

Who said this?

I think I may say without boasting that in the period from 1901 to 1930 I was the main factor in revolutionizing the attitude of the American Negro toward caste. My stinging hammer blows made Negroes aware of themselves, confident of their possibilities and determined in self-assertion. So much so that today common slogans among the Negro people are taken from the words of my mouth.

W.E.B. Dubois

Educator, editor, historian, sociologist, First Black to receive a Doctorate from Harvard and the premier architect of the civil rights movement. 1868 - 1963

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