"God made me black in no uncertain terms"

 By: Thomas Smalls

God made me black in no uncertain terms
   and I do think on it from time to time:
my coronet of stiff, course, curly black,
   and stiff black boots enveloping my feet;
and then brown skin, like lifeless falling leaves,
   that I will sometime cover with false hues:
blue jean, khaki, white shirt:  but hands stick out,
   with brown on top, light supered (save vain nails).
Poor poor white child, with hair like lasting gold,
   and skin the color of pink morning time;
whose nature is so vain that in old age,
   white hair and graying sking skin mock eoan fog;
blue eyes and blind that fail to ponder night:
   take my dark eyes and shew thy glance aright.



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