This really concerns me as a proud African-American.  I hope the rest of  you think real serious about this when you go to vote.  I don't know how accurate that was, but it's very disturbing, being that this is the second time
 TODAY, that I've read about Bush, and what he thinks of Blacks. I don't know how many of you are stationed in Europe, but, in February 15th's edition of Stars and Stripes it's talking about  his   reaction to the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. This man's family was  pushing for a hate crime law in Texas, and Bush made it clear that the bill was not to reach his desk. Even though he was the state governor at the time, he didn't even have the decency to acknowledge such a horrific act committed in his very own state. Some very high profile individuals attended the funeral, and it was very inappropriate for the state governor to ignore this, and not attend. When the victim's daughter, 4 months pregnant, bleeding, and on the verge of miscarriage flew from Hawaii, to Texas for a long sought after meeting, he kept the meeting to 10 minutes. He never shook her hand, offered her a tissue, a glass or water, or even sympathized with the family for what they've gone through. She asked him about the hate crimes bill, and he admitted "he hadn't had time to review it". So she pulled a copy out and laid it on his desk. He didn't even pick it up. Come on yall, is this who we want leading our country, or our ARMED  FORCES???!!!! Someone who regards Blacks as second class citizens, and  doesn't even try to hide it? I want you all to think real hard about this one. And remember,  NOT voting can have the same effect as voting FOR him.
 FYI,  This is a must see!
Your possible future President refused to sell his home to Blacks.  This must  be passed to any  and everyone. Brothers and Sisters, Please read and pass along. We must  remember this at the polls, and choose wisely.
Theresa D. Miller
G-MOA Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (202) 267-1430

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