Brothers and Sisters,
For the poet in you! Dang, this has been a wonderful
week for poetry.  :-) Mustafa, where are you ? Apply
your pen to paper.  I'm waiting on you !

Can Bro's Relate?!

The Ballad of the A Man, the B Man, the C Man, and the
D Man

I am the A man
That is the hardest position to maintain.
I am the one she spends most of her time with
The one she calls "the boyfriend" to her friends
I am the one she gave a key to
and the one that takes her wherever she needs to go.
I am the one that was good enough to meet Daddy;
and the one she complains about the most.

He is the B man
The one that always has time for her, whenever I'm not
He is the one that's just a friend, she says,"...he's
just like a brother to me".
The one who likes those movies, the movies I would
never see;
He is the one who takes her to museums and book club
She tells him, I would never do things like that;
He is the one to get the pussy next;
That is, if he hasn't already.

He is the C man
He is the one who is on the phone, all the time.
The one who gives her such great advice, and has the
funniest stories.
He is the one she says is just her girlfriend calling
on the other
and would I mind if she called me back.
He's the one who says," I'll bet you boyfriend isn't
as bad as you say he is."
The one who remembers all the things she says I never
do anymore."

He is the D man
She got his number that night she was out with the
You know, that night she forgot to call.
He is the one that she's only spoken to once or twice;
The one her girl said is," finer than the A,B, and C
He is the one she gave just her work number to.
The one who knows the home number is not far behind.
Now she thinks I don't know about any of this.
She says," Men aren't very smart," you understand.
I guess she just forgets sometimes...that B,C, and D
all used to be me.

"Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is a Mystery.
Today is truly a gift....That's why it's called the Present."

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