Tuskegee Combat Record

The following is a summary of the combat record. of the pilots in the four squadrons which comprised the 332nd Fighter Group. The list is broken down by squadron with each pilot's name and official credit for enemy aircraft destroyed.

The 99th Fighter Squadron

Clarence W. Allen, .50 Willie Ashley, Jr., 1.0 Charles P. Bailey, 1.0 Howard L. Baugh, 1.0 Thomas P. Braswell, 1.0

William A. Campbell, 1.0

John W. Davis, 1.0

Lemuel L. Curtis, 1.0 Robert W. Dier, 2.0 Elwood T. Driver, 1.0 Wilson V. Eagleson, 2.0 Charles B. Hall, 3.0

James L. Hall, 1.0

Leonard M. Jackson, 3.0

Clinton B. Mills, 1.0

Daniel L. Rich, 1.0

Leon C. Roberts, 1.0

Lewis C. Smith, 1.0

Edward L. Toppins, 4.0

Hugh J. White, 1.0

The 100th Fighter Squadron

Raul W. Bell, 1.0

Charles V. Brantley, 1.0

John F. Briggs, 1.0

Roscoe C. Browne, 2.0

Richard W. Hall, 1.0

Jack D. Hosclaw, 2.0

Carl E. Johnson, 1.0

Langdon E. Johnson, 1.0

Earl R. Lane, 2.0

Clarance D. Lester, 2.0

John H. Lyle, 1.0

Walter J.A. Palmer, 1.0

George M. Rhodes, Jr., 1.0

Robert W. Williams, 2.0

Bertram W. Wilson, Jr. 1.0

The 301st Fighter Squadron

Carl E. Corey, 2.0

John E. Edwards, 2.0

Joseph D. Elsberry, 1.0

James H. Fischer, 1.0

Frederick D. Funderburg, 2.0

Alfred M. Gorham, 2.0

Claude Govan, 1.0

Thomas W. Jefferson, 2.0

Jimmy Lanham, 2.0

Armour G. McDaniel, 1.0

Walter P. Manning, 1.0

Harold M. Morris, 1.0

William S. Price, III, 1.0

Harold E. Sawyer, 1.0

Harry T. Stewart, 2.0

Charles L. White, 2.0

The 302nd Fighter Squadron

Lee A. Archer, 4.0

Milton P. Brooks, 1.0

Charles W. Bussey, 1.0

Edward C. Gleed, 2.0

William W. Green, Jr., 2.0

Weldon K. Groves, 1.0

William L. Hill, 1.0

Freddie F. Hutchins, 1.0

Melvin T. Jackson, 1.0

Felix J. Kirkpatrick, 1.0

Charles E. McGee, 1.0

Wendell O. Pruitt, 3.0

Roger Romaine, 3.0

Luther H. Smith, Jr., `15662.0

Robert H. Smith, 2.0

William H. Thomas, 1.0

Hugh S. Warner, 1.0

Luke J. Weather, Jr., 2.0

Laurence D. Wilkins, 1.0

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